I feel closed off from my husband: How can I fix this?

My husband and I had an excellent relationship prior to me getting pregnant and us being married. I’ve tried for so many years to fix the marriage. I felt like things were starting to get better, and he was helping out a bit more, but then, I ended up hemorrhaging at home, which has never happened to me before. When I told him what was happening, he went to work. He didn’t call off to be with me or make sure I was okay. He didn’t call anyone to stay with me, nothing. He just left. A few days later, I went to the dr. I was in a lot of pain. He didn’t offer to drive me or anything; he was spending time with his family. I ended up going to the ER alone and scared out of my mind. Last summer, I had surgery, and he wasn’t there for me. He didn’t go with me (it was my first surgery ever), and he didn’t take care of me when I got home. I’m having a really difficult time forgiving him for this recent ER trip. When I was ready, I told him how I felt and that I was angry and sad because he wasn’t there for me. Ever since then, he’s been making small improvements to be better, but I’m having a hard time letting him back in. I feel completely closed off towards him. What do I do?!

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  1. Girl, tell him goodbye! Being married means being there for each other… remember your vows “in sickness and in health”? I’m saying this bc I’ve been there. I had CANCER and my husband NEVER ONE TIME went with me or even asked me about it. To make it worse, while I was at Dr appts, etc., instead of working, he was going to his friends house, drinking a case of beer and passing out on their couch. They would have to wake him up to go home. I still stayed for 6 more years. I now realize that I kept him around bc he was a habitual. He left me in final ruins on top of not being there for me AT ALL! If he is doing this kind of shit now while you are young, image what he will do later in life!

  2. Try and forgive him men have trouble when there wife’s are sick I think it’s a fear of loosing them and they run away because they don’t know what to do to help give him time and talk to him ❤❤❤

  3. Sometimes men have a hard time talking about their personal problems going on outside of their marriage. I would just counseling for both of you. It might help both of you better understand each other.

  4. I stayed in a relationship just like yours for 15 yrs. It didn’t get better and we eventually ended up just hating each other .. divorce now before it gets worse

  5. First, talk to God about what to do. Second, IWIULd leave this man. He doesn’t care about you. Third, you were a good thing tgat died, ask if he’s having an affair. Leave. You deserve a loving, good man.

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