I got pregnant from a one night stand: How can I tell the father?

Any advice on how to tell a First time potential first father… That our one-night stand has resulted in pregnancy and any ideas on how to move forward with such an awkward scenario? We are practically strangers… thanks. Love the page. Well done. Have a good day.

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    1. Kayla Escobar I think she meant that he could potentially be a father for the first time, because she doesn’t know if he has kids or not because it was just a one night stand

  1. *insert basic bitch quote about going to legal and filing for child support and taking child away from dad before it’s even born like every other chick does on this page*

  2. Call him, ask to meet for dinner, and tell him. Tell him he is invited to all appointments (if you are comfortable with that). If you don’t want him at appointments, tell him you will let him know how the appointments go. Also, tell him you will not fight 50/50 custody (if not breastfeeding). You both made the baby, you both should be equally involved and responsible. Good luck!

    1. Condoms & birth control aren’t 100% tho, I had a miscarriage with my ex & I was on birth control & he wore a condom, granted yes everyone is different, but that’s just my experience with this kind of stuff????

    2. Both my kids, I was on birth control. Shiit happens. And yeah telling someone you had a one night stand with, that your pregnant… I can imagine that isn’t easy. But hey y’all seem sooo perfect. Its 2019… some ppl don’t wanna have a relationship. Or sometimes shiit happens and 2 strangers end up sleeping together. Not that big of a deal anymore. But then again not everyone is as judgmental. But the most judgmental ppl I’ve ever mer..claim to be christians ????‍♀️????‍♀️

    3. Wow you all need to get off your high horse. She made a mistake and it sounds like now she’s taking care of business. If you can’t have respect for a fellow woman/mother asking for advice why are you even following this page?

  3. not sure I’d tell him, to be honest. What do you expect to get from a situation like that? You could tell him, then he’ll run like hell, or yell YAY at the top of his lungs, and marry you and be there for the kid. Which is kind of unlikely

    1. Polly Workinger because that’s his child too. Regardless of how it happened that’s still his child and he still deserves to know. Nothing says she expects him to marry her. Not everyone expects that. But, that baby has 2 parents and the father deserves the chance to be there too. Maybe he’ll run maybe he’ll deny it’s his
      Maybe he is a decent guy and will step up and be a father. You don’t have to be together to be a parent and co parent

    2. Polly Workinger not only does he have the right, she should know what his family medical history is if she intends to keep or even put the baby up for adoption. What is there’s some genetic issue she’s not aware of.

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