I have anxiety about putting my toddler in their room: Advice?

First-time momma here and was wondering if anyone else has had anxiety about moving their baby/toddler into their own room. My little one is 14 months, and she has been sleeping in the master bedroom with my husband and me since the first night she came home from the hospital. She slept in her bassinet until she outgrew it and had been sleeping in her pack-n-play right next to me ever since. She has been sleeping through the night, so I figured it is time to move her to her own room (which is literally across the hall from our room). But I have anxiety over it. We have a baby monitor with a camera so I can check on her without having to go into her room, but it is still making me nervous. How did you other mommas deal with this transition? Any advice for helping me deal with my anxiety?

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  1. Let yourself transition at your own pace. At least you may get a little rest. It sure takes time to get used to. Think of it as a goal. For all three of you. Will take a little time but shes getting bigger and stronger every single day. Dont pressure yourself too much and dont allow others to either. Cause they will try. Good luck ????

  2. I was the same, I started mine in there own rooms for day sleeping and had them with me at night untill I was happy I could handing them being in there at night. Being a parent is hard. you do what’s best for you

  3. Do you sleep all night with her next to you?
    If so then there really isn’t a difference between her being there or in her room.
    I moved my first daughter when she was 14 months and we had to do the cry it out method but she sleeps 12 hrs every night now at 2.

  4. My daughter is 5 months I wanna move her next month cause she sleeps all night also. I’m afraid to move her from her pack n play to a crib cause she sleeps on her stomach. I also have a camera baby monitor. Good luck to both of us mama. We can do it!

  5. When you figure it out let me know lol. My son is 18 months and still sleeps with me and I’m due in 5 weeks with #2 who will probably do the same. Just not ready to move him to his room.

  6. When I moved my daughter in her own room I didnt deal well with it at all. What I did was slept on her floor for a few nights. That helped alot. After the 2nd night I was comfortable enough to leave her in her room.

  7. I moved my son to his room one week after he was born. Yes it is hard but it will be easy as the days go by. Would just listen on the monitor . Sometimes I would check on him just to make sure . You will do that more times than you can count. We also had music play all night . That helped me also .

  8. Ouffff you have patience having the baby still in your room :0 sorry cant help, i doubt i would let my baby in my bedroom for so long. Maybe just do it gradually tu reassure yourself?

  9. I moved my son into his own room when he was one, he was in a crib and I moved a matress into his room and slept there the first week. He’s now 3 and sleeps in his own bed in his room, sometimes he will come into our room in the middle of the night, which is fine. There’s no need to rush it if you’re not ready though, if you’re anxious she will be anxious. Families move at different paces.

  10. We moved my daughter to her own room around 10 months. It was harder on me than it was for her. She slept better in her own room than with us oddly enough! Your little may need a little time to adjust, but if she’s ready, it’ll be an easier transition for all. Good luck mama! ❤️

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