Texas Has Some Weird Laws About Baby Names; Discover the Appellations That Are Illegal in the State

For most of us, the quality of a baby’s name is subjective and a matter of taste. However, some appellations have been outright banned and categorized as illegal in Texas. Further, there are some strange laws on the books that new parents must follow. While you might not like baby names like Apple (Thanks, Gwyneth Paltrow) or Blanket (Thanks, Michael Jackson), they are still legal in the state, despite being offbeat.

We decided to take a closer look at illegal baby names in Texas and the state’s rules surrounding child naming. Many will make you ask, “how did this come up in the first place?” While you can name a baby Fax Machine or Dumpster Fire, plenty of appellations are illegal in the Lone Star State. Take a look to find out the weirder side of Texas law.

No Names with @

Illegal Baby Names in Texas

Using the @ symbol alone or in the spelling of a baby name in Texas is illegal. So, no N@alies or N@hens.

The Name Adolf Hitler Is Outlawed

Illegal Baby Names in Texas

No, you can’t go about naming your son or daughter Adolf Hitler. We have no idea why on earth a person would want to saddle their child with this infamous appellation.

Jesus Christ Is a No

Illegal Baby Names in Texas

It’s not only historic villains that have caused names to be outlawed in Texas. Jesus Christ is also illegal, and you won’t find it on any birth certificates in the state.

Also, Messiah

Illegal Baby Names in Texas

As with JC, Messiah is also illegal in Texas. This is shocking, considering the name has become popular nationwide. In fact, last year, the appellation was the 172nd most popular baby name for boys in the US.

No Names Longer Than 100 Characters

Illegal Baby Names in Texas

The first, middle, and last names can’t be more than 100 letters combined in Texas. That still seems like many letters, but we suppose it concerns those with hyphenated last names.

1069 Is an Illegal Name in Texas

Illegal Baby Names in Texas

Why would anyone want to choose the name 1069 for their child, and why is it illegal? Our best guess is that the number is significant for those interested in numerology. While we don’t find the name offensive, it would be a choice.

Texas Says ‘No’ to Majesty

Illegal Baby Names in Texas

While you might believe your child to be noble, you cannot choose the name Majesty for your child if they’re born in Texas.

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Same with King

Illegal Baby Names in Texas

Texas doesn’t want parents having any fun whatsoever with titles of nobility for children. As with Majesty, King is also illegal. This is rather shocking as the name is a mildly popular option for baby boys in other states. Last year, the name ranked as the 185th most popular name for boys nationwide.

Same with Queen

Illegal Baby Names in Texas

What a bummer! Texans can’t choose the name Queen for their daughters, either.

Numbers Are Illegal

Illegal Baby Names in Texas

No, you can’t choose the name of your favorite killer robot, M3gan, for your baby. You can’t use any number, for that matter (it’s not just 3). Roman numerals are the way to go for generational names. While M3gan the 3rd is illegal, Megan III is okay.

But, No Roman Numerals as a Standalone Name

Illegal Baby Names in Texas

But wait! There’s a caveat with the use of Roman numerals. They can’t be used in or as a name. They can only be used to indicate the second, third, or fourth, etc.

No Special Characters Are Allowed

Illegal Baby Names in Texas

No special characters like the popular Scandinavian “Ø” are allowed in Texas. That just seems discriminatory against Northern Europeans, but we did not make the rules.

That Also Means Tildes or Umlauts

Illegal Baby Names in Texas

Considering that Spanish is spoken widely in the state sitting next to the southern border, it is very odd to us that Texas has outlawed tildes (ñ). What a shame! Umlauts (ö) are also illegal.

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Not so Merry Down There

Illegal Baby Names in Texas

All is not merry and bright in the state of Texas. They have outlawed the name Santa Claus for use as a baby’s name. They’re canceling Christmas, folks!

Final Thoughts

Illegal Baby Names in Texas

There are still thousands of legal names in Texas, but it is odd that they have specifically called out these few. It really makes you wonder how these laws ended up in the books. It’s one state with some of the strictest baby-naming laws. Live free, but not in Texas.

For even more laughable baby names, keep reading. People shared the worst baby names they have ever heard and they will blow your mind!

The Worst Baby Names of All Time Await You:


worst baby names

Reinbeaux (pronounced rainbow).” —u/sir-ripsalot


worst baby names

Xy. Pronounced ‘Christy.’” —u/criticallyAnalytical


worst baby names

“I’m teaching in an elementary classroom and had a boy named Jacuzzi. That was a fun one.” —u/Pm_me_fluffy_stuff

Chaotic Rage

worst baby names

“Chaotic Rage. Kid was not surprisingly very hyper.” —u/AJablonski

Chase Cox

worst baby names

 “I went to school with a guy named Chase Cox.” —u/Cthulhuhoop


worst baby names

Jageorgeson. Pronounced Jason. The entire ‘George’ is silent. Parent actually got upset because it was mispronounced.” —u/uglypelican


worst baby names

Kviiilyn. Pronounced Kaitlyn as in K-8-lyn.” —u/joadgr

Paige Turner

worst baby names

“Paige Turner (as a pianist I find this hilarious).” —u/adne001


worst baby names

“I worked with a guy named Cocain once.” —u/ashpash111


worst baby names

“A kid named Phelany (pronounced the same as Felony).” —u/devourthegalaxy


worst baby names

“I know a couple who named their daughter Anakin. Their family is almost painfully normal too; their other kids have normal names. I don’t get it.” —u/ihopeyoulikeapples


worst baby names

Pestilence. Dunno what was going through their mind, but I have a strong guess what was going through their bloodstream.” —u/metric_football

Crystal Shining Waters and Blue Clear Waters

worst baby names

Crystal Shining Waters and her twin brother, Blue Clear Waters.” —u/Inexperiencedascrap

Keep Reading for Even More of the Worst Baby Names


worst baby names

Taqueria, and for those who don’t speak Spanish, a ‘Taqueria’ is a place that sells tacos.” —u/marcusmf

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Diesel Duramax

worst baby names

Diesel Duramax. I wish I was kidding.” —u/mandy6919


worst baby names

“Wife came home from work one day (works at a hospital) and told me a couple had a baby boy and named him Kingslayer.” —u/tree42o


worst baby names

“I’m related to a girl name Psamantha.” —u/MicolashCaged


worst baby names

“We had a family friend with a child named Nevaeh, and we all just called her Heaven Backwards.” —u/sayoso

Neptune, Galaxy, and Uranus

worst baby names

“My kids used to have friends in school whose names were NeptuneGalaxy, and Uranus. All girls. And no, this is NOT a legend or a myth. Their parents were astronomers. Poor Uranus got it the worst.” —u/mpdscb


worst baby names

“Met a girl named Jennifert in college…Jennifer with a T. Why? Because her parents wanted her to be different.” —u/NippleBuddy


worst baby names

Khaleesi. What the hell are you thinking?” —u/PunchBeard


worst baby names

“I taught a boy named Rhythm. He was a fat white kid.” —u/LittleLint


worst baby names

A kid named “Heorgie” is in my class. Weird name. It’s pronounced “he – orshie.” —u/mosin-user

Strawberry Rain

worst baby names

“My coworker named her baby ‘Strawberry Rain.’ Which would be a great baby name, if she had given birth to a bottle of shampoo.”—u/captainmagictrousers

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worst baby names

“A girl in my class was called “Sonja” pronounced like Sonya. I didn’t think it was that bad of a name until I saw her full name was “Lasonja.” Her parents named her freaking lasagne and spelled it wrong.” —u/Merrio1220

There you go! Now you know the worst baby names people have ever heard. This is a great time to remind you to make good choices, as you would not want your little one’s appellation to end up on the worst baby names list.

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