I’m Very Convinced My House Is Haunted, What Should I Do About It?

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QUESTION: My house is haunted, what should I do?

“My three and almost five-year-old daughters have been talking about a little girl and a scary man in their bathroom/closets. Their bathroom is connected to their room, and there’s a little closet that lines their bedroom. As far as I’ve been told, the little girl is “their friend”. She’s pretty, and the oldest says she has long hair and blue eyes, plays with them, and her name is Elizabeth (they’ve NEVER heard that name before). But my main concern is the “scary man.”

The stories they tell me, terrify ME. My daughter has told me he hurt her, and they have both been scared to the point of tears. Has any other mama dealt with something similar? I’ve blessed their room with prayer and holy water, sage, and they’ve recently been sleeping in our room or downstairs. These behaviors didn’t start until we moved into a new house back in September and have gotten worse since.

My daughter, who’s almost five and has been potty trained since 2 years old, recently started peeing the bed because she’s too scared to go potty during the night. I’m scared for my daughters. What should I do? My boyfriend and I have heard/seen things out of the ordinary, so I know it’s not their imagination. At this point, I’m debating moving, but we just moved into this place eight months ago and signed a 2-year lease. Any advice?”

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House: I'm Very Convinced My House Is Haunted, What Should I Do About It?

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“I wouldn’t care about any lease. Break it. A home is somewhere your family should feel safe and happy. That house isn’t a home to your girls.”

“DO NOT move, because you’re to the point where the girls have somewhat communicated to whatever entity is in the house and they can attach themselves to your kids/objects if you were to move and you would just take them elsewhere. Some child ghosts are never actual spirits of children, they are non-human entities that portray themselves as a child to gain trust and friendship, and then can/will become demonic once the connection of that trust is made. And I’m not saying this is your situation, I’m just saying that it definitely can happen and is not something to be messed with. My suggestion would be to look into finding a Medium first to tell you what kind of entity is in the house and then continue from there to decide whether or not the house will need an exorcism or just a simple cleansing. DO NOT move, use an ouija board, try to further communicate in any way, or leave your kids unattended when activity is at its most. For right now until you can get a medium, sage every room in the house with sage from a good source such as a local Indigenous store, hang a crucifix over every doorway in the house, pray as a family, and do not let the negative energy take over. Whenever you feel it read from the Bible openly and with strong faith.”

“I would spend a night sleeping in my kids’ room to find out what’s going on. There may be a normal (not paranormal) explanation for it & you may be able to stop it yourself.”

“I had issues similar to this (not as bad) but I saged the house and drew a cross with holy water above all the opening of the house. All windows, closets, and doors. Speak out loud that you want them to leave and they are not welcome in your home.”

“I’m sure if this is the case, You won’t be the only tenant to break a lease with them. Research the Property History, if there’s records that show unexplainable occurrences could be PROOF the Landlord is aware and didn’t disclose the information”

“I wouldn’t move spirits can get attached and could just follow your family i would call a local priest to bless your home.”

“Call a professional to cleanse and bless the house.”

“Breaking a lease isn’t ideal, but I’d move!”

“I’d move if possible. But check the law in your state. You may be able to break the lease. In many states, closing docs have questions like “has there ever been signs of the home being haunted?”, no lie. My friend had this very issue. The sellers knew it was haunted and she sued. FYI to future buyers & renters, always ask and get it in writing. It happens more often than you think. I’d have my kids sleep in my room. I would never let them in their room till it stopped or we moved. That’s just me. Good luck.”

“Could always look into a physic/medium in your area.”

“If anything you bought them is second hand, remove that from the house. spirits latch on to their belongings.”

“Let the spirit know he’s not welcome and that he needs to leave. Tell him he has no choice and that he needs to go to the light to be at rest. Be stern.”

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