Dad Says ‘I’m So Thankful to God’ After Infant Son Is Ejected From Car During Crash and Is Found on the Side of the Road Practically Unscathed

A newborn baby’s survival is being called a miracle. On December 7, a family was driving their SUV south on Highway 99, when control of the vehicle was lost, and it flipped several times.

According to Fox 40, inside the SUV at the time of the crash was a 6-week-old baby boy named Ezra Benitez. He was ejected from the vehicle during the accident.

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The car seat he stayed strapped into was found upside down on the shoulder of the road. And this is where the story turns into a miracle, Ezra was completely unharmed, only sustaining a few scratches as a result of the scary incident.

Father Speaks Out Calling Son’s Survival a Miracle

In an interview with CBS 13, Ezra’s father, Ulizes Benitez, said he lost control when he had to swerve unexpectantly to avoid another car. “That’s when I lost control and spun out of control and remember feeling weightless. And just thinking of my kids, and my wife. So many things were going through my head.”

According to investigators, Fox 40 reports that the car seat Ezra was strapped into was not installed in the vehicle properly, causing it to become detached and ultimately fall out of a broken window.

Once the SUV came to a stop, Ulizes began to “search frantically” for his son. Ulizes found Ezra “on top of a bush the car seat not one bit of dirt on it like he landed perfectly and clean no scratches.”

California Highway Patrol Officer Thomas Olsen said in a statement, “I’ve been on for 17 years. I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Also in the car was Ezra’s mother and older brother. While Ulizes and the toddler were also uninjured, the mother suffered rib, tailbone and pelvis fractures. Olsen continued:

infant son called a miracle after surviving car accident
Fox 40

“We can sit here today with a smile on our face knowing that nobody was seriously injured. But this is a good learning moment for all of us who have children that the proper installation of a car seat is so important.”

Ulizes is also aware of what a miracle it is that his son survived and that none of the injuries were fatal. He wrote in a statement to Fox 40:

infant son called a miracle after surviving car accident
Fox 40

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“I’m so thankful to God and all the first responders that got there to help me and my family. And the team at UC Davis that help treat my baby boys. I’m thankful for everyone that God put in our path to help us. If there is something I have to say about this year is that I am beyond blessed and thankful.”

The father told CBS 13 that the fact that they’re all still here “is a miracle.”

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