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Boyfriend Jealous Of Partner's Weight Loss, Sabotages Diet

Boyfriend Jealous Of Partner’s Weight Loss, Adds High-Calorie Ingredients To Meals

While losing weight with a significant other may help some relationships stronger, one man says it revealed the cracks in his relationship after he caught his boyfriend attempting to sabotage his diet by adding high-calorie ingredients into his meals.

After Teen's Last Chemo Session, Community Celebrates Her With Coronavirus-Free 'Reverse Parade'

After Teen’s Last Chemo Session, Community Celebrates Her With Socially Distanced ‘Reverse Parade’

Courtney “Coco” Johnson has had a turbulent past 10 months. The 15-year-old was diagnosed with cancer in June just a day after her eighth-grade graduation ceremony. She lives in Pasadena with brother Parker, dad Kelly, and mom April Danz.

Pregnant Women In The UK Are Being Told To Stay Home For 3 Months But A Doctor Around The Globe Disagrees

Pregnant Women in the UK Are Being Told to Stay Home for 3 Months But Elsewhere, Doctors Disagree with This Advice

Pregnant women in the UK are being informed they will need to stay indoors for three months as they are the most vulnerable to coronavirus.

Father of 9-Year-Old Put Her On Extreme Diet and Exercise Regiment

A Dad Put His 9-Year-Old Daughter on an Extreme Diet and Exercise Regiment, and Basically Gave Her an Eating Disorder

A father on Reddit is being criticized for going way too far in attempting to help his 9-year-old daughter lose weight. The anonymous dad admitted he has not always been apart of his daughter’s life but is currently attempting to be more involved – especially when it comes to her health.

Looking To Explain The Coronavirus To Your Kids? This Comic Will Do If For You!

Looking To Explain the Coronavirus to Your Kids? This Comic Will Do If For You!

Over the weekend, public health officials announced cases of the Coronavirus (COVID) in Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington state, New York and Florida; a grand total of 43 in the United States as of Monday morning, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).