Police Reveal What They Didn’t Find Following Investigation Into Child Burned By Alleged Ball of Fire

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, two months ago the world was shocked to learn about Dominick Krankall. He was the 6-year-old little boy who many met via the GoFundMe account set up to raise money for his medical bills.

According to GoFundMe, Krankall sustained third-degree burns to his face and body after his neighbor allegedly set him on fire with gasoline and a tennis ball. His family further alleged that this gruesome incident wasn’t an accident, but instead, an act of bullying.

Police Reveal What They Didn’t Find Following Investigation Into Child Burn By Ball of Fire

As Krankall’s father claimed that Dominick told him an 8-year-old boy tricked the 6-year-old into coming towards him before throwing the fireball at him. “My little brother Dom has been bullied for a while by the tenants downstairs. It escalated to a deadly intent. Dominick, MY 6-YEAR-OLD BROTHER could’ve died,” Dominick’s sister, Kayla Deegan, wrote on the GoFundMe campaign.

However, in an update shared by The New York Post, the 8-year-old’s family is claiming the story is not true. In a video released on June 17, it reveals four children, including Dominick, lighting fires and kicking a flaming soccer ball in a backyard. A boy, identified as Dominick, was seen wiping flammable remnants on his pants.

Child Burned By Alleged Ball of Fire

Laura Giacobbe, a mom of one of the other kids, spoke to WFSB, saying the horrific incident wasn’t bullying but that “they were interacting in the backyard being boys.” The video goes on to show that Dominick got fire after “kicking or stepping on a plastic cup filled with gasoline that was on fire” and falling down.

“Dominick was not left there to die,” Giacobbe said. “My 11-year-old son, Lorenzo, saved him, took his bare hands, and took the fire out on his face.” Giacobbe believes the video clears her son’s name, after admitting the family has felt threatened ever since the original story was made public.

Police Reveal What They Didn't Find Following Investigation Into Child Burn By Ball of Fire

“The police department had to sit in front of the home overnight to make sure nothing happened,” she told WFSB. “It was stated the house would be lit on fire, they were going to drag my son and myself down the street and let us suffer from the pain.”

As a result of their initial investigation, local police have said they also found no evidence of bullying or foul play, reporter Alice Gainer revealed on Twitter.

“The video footage recorded four children (ages six, seven, eight, and eleven) playing together in the rear yard of the residence,” Bridgeport police said. “At least three of the children (ages six, seven, and eight) were observed playing with fire and gasoline.”

Police Reveal What They Didn't Find Following Investigation Into Child Burn By Ball of Fire

Nonetheless, police say the investigation is still ongoing. And the Krankall family is still standing firm with their story, saying they did not lie.

Giacobbe then left this message for Krankall’s parents, “For closure, for the truth now, for closure, I want this out there so I can have this out there. Come out with the truth and not use their child for money. This is sickening, very sad that you can wrap a child and lie all over the world.”

Over the last two months, the GoFundMe account set up for Dominick raised $600,000. It appears Dominick is recovering well.

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