126 Great Names for Irish Twins

What are Irish twins? The term is simply applied to siblings who are born within a year or twelve months of one another. The term originated from traditionally Catholic families who had children right after the other. Today, you don’t hear the term as much but perhaps we should revisit it as the situation does present some unique challenges and special joys. One newborn right after the other is no joke!

We wanted to present parents with some excellent names for their Irish twins that sound excellent together and remark on their very special bond. After all, babies born within 12 months of each other are going to experience a lot of the exact same things at the exact same time in their lives. These twin names celebrate the very excellent nature of being Irish twins, brotherhood, sisterhood, and all things siblings! Let’s get twinning!

Names for Girl Irish Twins That Are, Well, Irish!

126 Irish Twins

What better way to celebrate your Irish twins than a pair of solid Irish baby names? Let’s take a look at some appellations that sound spectacular together and that originated in Ireland to keep with the theme!

  • Nessa (meaning: “rough”) + Enya (meaning: “seed”)
  • Oonagh (meaning: “one”) + Eireann (meaning: “Ireland”
  • Siobhan (meaning: “God’s grace”) + Fiona (meaning: “fair”)

More Irish Twins Names for Girls

126 Irish Twins
  • Sinead (meaning: “God is gracious) + Sionainn (meaning: “wise river”)
  • Orla (meaning: “golden”) + Maeve (meaning: “she who intoxicates”)
  • Cara (meaning: “friend”) + Niamh (meaning: “radiant”)

Just Great Twin Names for Girls

126 Irish Twins

If you don’t want to go full Irish with it, consider names from any origin that sound particularly swell together. Here are some options for your girl Irish twins.

  • Caroline (meaning: “free man”) + Kennedy (meaning: “helmet head”)
  • Leona (meaning: “lion”) + Lillian (meaning: “lily”)
  • Paige (meaning: “a page”) + Piper (meaning: “pipe player”)  

More Great Twin Names for Girls

126 Irish Twins
  • Sage (meaning: “wise”) + Sasha (meaning: “defending men”)
  • Raegan (meaning: “noble”) + Rowan (meaning: “little red one”)
  • Heidi (meaning: “noble”) + Kira (meaning: “beloved”)

Girls Irish Twins Names That Mean First & Second

126 Irish Twins

Celebrate which of your Irish twins came first and second with these unique names that allow you to remind them of who is the oldest for the rest of their lives!

  • Primrose (meaning: “first rose”) + Pili (meaning: “born second”)
  • Una (meaning: “one”) + Dwi (meaning: “second”)
  • Winona (meaning: “first born”) + Nakato (meaning: “second born”)

Rhyming Names for Your Girl Irish Twins

126 Irish Twins

Some parents really love rhyming twin names for their daughters and there are so many excellent options out there. Check out these delightful pairs!

  • Mia (meaning: “mine”) + Sophia (meaning: “wisdom”)
  • Chloe (meaning: “young green shoot”) + Zoe (meaning: “life”)
  • Sadie (meaning: “princess”) + Katie (meaning: “pure”)

More Rhyming Names for Girls

126 Irish Twins
  • Kylie (meaning: “boomerang”) + Miley (meaning: “soldier”)
  • Serenity (meaning: “peace”) + Trinity (meaning: “three”)
  • Lily (meaning: “a lily”) + Millie (meaning: “honey”)

Irish Twins Names of Irish Origin for Two Boys

126 Irish Twins

Irish names for boys are so irresistibly handsome that you might be tempted to choose two Irish names for your twin boys. This will be especially attractive to parents with Irish heritage that you can celebrate with these charming names.

  • Finn (meaning: “fair”) + Rory (meaning: “red king”)
  • Declan (meaning: “man of prayer”) + Kieran (meaning: “little dark one”)
  • Brody (meaning: “broad island”) + Nolan (meaning: “champion”)

More Irish Names for Your Boys

126 Irish Twins
  • Cormac (meaning: “chariot”) + Cian (meaning: “ancient”)
  • Riley (meaning: “courageous”) + Lennon (meaning: “lover”)
  • Garret (meaning: “spear strength”) + Shane (meaning: “God is gracious”)

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Roundly Loved Twin Names for Boys

126 Irish Twins

If you’d like some twin names for boys that stray from the Irish theme, you’re in luck! There are tons of names for boys from all sorts of origins that sound brilliant together. Check out our favorites!

  • Oliver (meaning: “olive tree”) + Liam (meaning: “helmet of will”)
  • Levi (meaning: “joined”) + Owen (meaning: “noble”)
  • Hudson (meaning: “son of Hudde”) + Samuel (meaning: “God has heard”)

More Twin Names for Boys Who Are Irish Twins

126 Irish Twins
  • Elias (meaning: “the Lord is my God”) + Adrian (meaning: “from Adria”)
  • Ezra (meaning: “help”) + Gabriel (meaning: “God is my strength”)
  • Drake (meaning: “dragon”) + Beau (meaning: “handsome”)

Names for Boys That Mean First & Second

126 Irish Twins

For your sons, you may want to play with the fact that they are Irish twins by naming them according to their birth order. Let’s look at some names for boys that mean “first” and “second.”

  • Primo (meaning: “first”) + Twain (meaning: “two”)
  • Proteus (meaning: “of the first”) + Malachy (meaning: “second”)
  • Ace (meaning: “one”) + Kenji (meaning: “second son”)

Rhyming Names for Your Irish Twins

126 Irish Twins

While some scoff, rhyming names for siblings are so endearing and cute. Let’s take a look at some names that sound great together but also stand on their own nicely!

  • Brandon (meaning: “prince”) + Landon (meaning: “long hill”)
  • Aiden (meaning: “little fire”) + Caden (meaning: “spirit of battle”)
  • Daniel (meaning: “God is my judge”) + Nathaniel (meaning: “given by God”)

More Rhyming Names for Boys

126 Irish Twins
  • Gage (meaning: “pledge”) + Sage (meaning: “wise”)
  • Quinn (meaning: “descendent of Conn”) + Flynn (meaning: “ruddy”)
  • Remi (meaning: “oarsman”) + Timmy (meaning: “honoring”)

Irish Names for Your Girl & Boy Irish Twins

126 Irish Twins

You get the best of both worlds when your Irish twins are a girl and a boy. This pair will be thick as thieves for life! Let’s look at some names of Irish origin that will serve them well!

  • Patrick (meaning: “patrician”) + Aisling (meaning: “dream”)
  • Rian (meaning: “little king”) + Shauna (meaning: “God is gracious”)
  • Oscar (meaning: “deer lover”) + Saoirse (meaning: “liberty”)

More Irish Names for a Girl & Boy Pair

126 Irish Twins
  • Brian (meaning: “noble”) + Imogen (meaning: “maiden”)
  • Collin (meaning: “cub”) + Kayleigh (meaning: “slender”)
  • Tiernan (meaning: “little lord”) + Deirdre (meaning: “woman”)

Beloved Names for Your Irish Twins

126 Irish Twins

There are many popular name pairings for twins with a girl/boy pair. Let’s take a look at some names that sound excellent together but also really leave an impression on their own!

  • Evelyn (meaning: “wished for child”) + Henry (meaning: “estate ruler”)
  • Harper (meaning: “harp player”) + Mason (meaning: “worker in stone”)
  • Scarlett (meaning: “red”) + Theodore (meaning: “God’s gift”)

More Popular Twin Names

126 Irish Twins
  • Nova (meaning: “new”) + Cosmo (meaning: “order”)
  • Juniper (meaning: “youth”) + Hayden (meaning: “heathen”)
  • Freya (meaning: “love goddess”) + Antonio (meaning: “priceless”)

Names That Mean First & Second

126 Irish Twins

There are a variety of names that mean “first” or “second.” Obviously, because you’re expecting a girl and a boy, you might need to mix and match between the names below or scroll back up to choose a name that’s already been proposed.

  • Ensio (meaning: “first”) + Nessa (meaning: “second”)
  • Prima (meaning: “first”) + Segundo (meaning: “second”)
  • Tali (meaning: “morning dew”) + Iris (meaning: “rainbow”)

Rhyming Irish Twin Names

126 Irish Twins

Do you want your boy and girl to have rhyming names? Check out our favorite picks for your Irish twins!

  • Kristen (meaning: “follower of Christ”) + Tristan (meaning: “sorrowful”)
  • Riley (meaning: “wood clearing”) + Wiley (meaning: “willow forest”)
  • Kate (meaning: “pure”) + Tate (meaning: “cheerful”)

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Names That Start with the Same Letter for Irish Twins

126 Irish Twins

Because so few names for boys and girls rhyme, another option is to choose names that start with the same letter. This way your Irish twins’ names will sound familiar but not too matchy-matchy.

  • Kiara (meaning: “princess”) + Kai (meaning: “sea”)
  • Brianna (meaning: “noble”) + Brixton (meaning: “stone of Brixi”)
  • Felicity (meaning: “happiness”) + Finnegan (meaning: “fair”)
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