Is It Okay for a 6-Year-Old To Play Outside By Themselves?

A mom writes in looking for advice. Her husband believes that their six-year-old son can play outside without adult supervision. She feels he is too young. What do you think?

A Community Member asks:

My husband and I disagree. He believes our six-year-old kid can be left outside (front yard) to play. Ride his bike or skate without any adult supervision. We keep arguing about it. He keeps saying he’ll be fine, we live in a nice neighborhood. But I believe he’s too young to be out there on his own with no one watching. He’s a six-year-old kid. Would you let your 6-year-old play outside by themselves? With no one to watch them?

-Mamas Uncut Community Member

Community Advice for the Mom Who Feels That Her 6-Year-Old Is Too Young to Play Outside Without an Adult

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Fan QuestionIs it okay for a 6-year-old to play outside by themselves?My husband and I disagree. He believes our…

Posted by Mamas Uncut on Sunday, March 8, 2020

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Advice Summary

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Read some of the community’s responses below.

Did you not see the 6-year-old little girl that got taken from her house and killed by someone in their nice neighborhood. I don’t even let my 15-year-old daughter by herself outside there is so much evil and its not like the old days where everyone watched your kids.”

No, they are still looking for the little boy who disappeared from his grandmother’s front yard, too many kids just vanish these days.

It really just depends on the maturity of the child and the area you live in. Our 6 yr old plays outside by herself on a daily basis. Our yard is fully fenced with only one gate to get in/out and I can see the gate from almost all the windows in the house plus I pull the car up to the gate so it’s nearly impossible to open.

The dog is also always outside with the kid and we live in a really quiet neighborhood. Our daughter wasn’t allowed to be outside alone at the old house because there were too many gates to get in/out. I know other kids the same age that can’t be trusted outside alone so it really does just depend on the kid and the neighborhood.

Heck no. It’s common sense with all the kid knapping going on and child trafficking. Maybe he needs to be put on the front lawn to take that chance and get some parenting classes.”

It doesn’t matter how nice the neighborhood is. Watch your son and if you feel confident enough to compromise with your husband have a timer set up for when you go and check on his and you leave the front door open.

“I agree with the whole neighborhood situation… but I live on 12 acres and I let my 6 and 5 yr olds run around and play on their bikes/ scooters without me being outside. It’s different when you live in the country.

When my now 16 and 15 were that age, I lived way in the country and only had a few neighbors. We all knew one another so our kids would play out together in their yard or mine even on the road bc it was a dead-end road. However, now I do not trust the world today and do not feel safe leaving my lo out by herself. We also don’t live in the same spot.

Final Thoughts

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I have to agree with the majority. A six-year-old, no matter their maturity level, or how much you can trust them, should never be left alone without adult supervision. We know the times have changed and the dangers are so many. We can’t be naive and take those risks.

I hope that you are able to convince your husband, because the community agrees with you. For me personally, I let my children play outside only under my watchful eye. Even now, they don’t even try to play anywhere that isn’t within my power to see them. I won’t take that risk, the community won’t take that risk, and you don’t want to take that risk either.

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