25 Italian Place Names to Use as Inspired Baby Names

Italian place names offer a wide variety of options for creative and inspiring baby names. From beautiful rolling hills to historic cities, the Italian landscape is full of unique and meaningful names. Whether you are looking for something traditional or something completely unexpected, these 25 Italian place names can help you find the perfect fit for your little one!

If you have Italian heritage, there is no greater way to celebrate than by choosing an appellation inspired by the Italia. With so many wonderful possibilities, you’re sure to find just the right name that embodies your little one’s unique personality.


Italian Place Names

Rome is a strong name for both boys and girls but it is going to far more boys than girls in the US today. The name is currently enjoying a wave of popularity in the states and we could not be more thrilled about it. The capital of Italy is so named for the founding myth that includes Romulus and Remus.


Italian Place Names

In Italy, you will here Rome called Roma. Roma makes for an excellent option for your daughter. Roma also names a Roman goddess, the personification of and protector of the city and its people. Roma was once a popular name in the US but that’s not been the case since the 1940s, so this would be a unique choice today.


Italian Place Names

Emilia is a very popular name for baby girls today, ranking in the top 50 most given names in the US. Most parents aren’t thinking of the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna when they choose it but you could. If not a reference to the city, Emilia is a form of the Latin name Emil, meaning “rival.”


Italian Place Names

In Europe, Milan is a popular name for boys and in the US, it’s on the rise at the moment, more popular than ever before. While the name is used almost exclusively for boys in Europe, it’s considered a unisex option here. Milan is known as the fashion capital of the world and it is located in northern Italy.


Italian Place Names

Called Firenze in Italian, Florence is a glorious name of Latin origin that means “flourishing.” Florence is technically a unisex name but it goes pretty much exclusively to girls today. The name is currently on the rise in the US, thanks in no small part to the star power of actress Florence Pugh.


Italian Place Names

Po names the longest river in Italy. It flows eastward across northern Italy. As a baby name, we feel Po has tons of potential as it can easily be used for a baby girl or boy and it’s completely accessible.


Italian Place Names

Art and history lovers should definitely consider the Italian place name Ravenna for their daughters. The name belongs to a city that is rich in historical moment, including the place where Julius Caesar organized his troops before crossing the Rubicon.


Italian Place Names

With Nico being a pretty established name, it only makes sense that Vico should also be considered. This baby name is inspired by Lago di Vico, a lake that legend says was created by Hercules.


Italian Place Names

Sicily is the largest Island in the Mediterranean sea and proves a winning option as a name for a baby girl. In Italian, you will hear it said as Sicilia (also a great option). With all of the Cecelia names out there, this could be a brilliant and inspired alternative.


Italian Place Names

In Sicily, you will find the city of Catania. It’s a port city that’s been around since antiquity. It sits at the base of Mount Etna. This name is extremely rare in the US but we think it has tons of potential.


Italian Place Names

As Luca and Luka are on the rise in the US, so is Lucca. The name is unisex but it’s going to far more boys than girls. Lucca is a gorgeous city in Tuscany. The root of the given name means “from Lucania.”


Italian Place Names

We think Como could be a really good fit for a baby boy. The name belongs to a famed lake in northern Italy. Currently, the name Cosmo is having a moment so we feel that Como can ride that wave as well.


Italian Place Names

Considered by most as the most beautiful city in Europe, Venice would make a romantic option for a boy or a girl. The name was once popular for girls in the US but that has not been true for 100 years.

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Italian Place Names
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While most will associate Reno with Nevada, it also name a river in Italy and what the Italians call the Rhine. According to Nameberry, Reno’s root means “to run.” We think that makes this energetic appellation an excellent option for a little boy.


Italian Place Names

While Sienna is the spelling of this name to beat, Siena has quietly been on the rise as well in the US. Located in Tuscany, Siena is famed for its medieval brick buildings and ancient architecture. This is one of the safest Italian place names on the list.


Italian Place Names

Palermo is a the capital city of Sicily and contains some incredible heritage sites that include a cathedral and a palace built generations ago. We think this would be a lively choice for a baby boy and you get the opportunity of choosing between nicknames Pal and Mo.


Italian Place Names

In just the last couple of years, Capri landed in the US top 1000 names for girls. It’s got a zippy appeal that is easy to fall in love with. The picturesque island is the best excuse to use this stylish appellation.


Italian Place Names

The southern port city of Bari is the capital of the Puglia region. While this name will likely be mistaken for Barry, we think its unisex appeal is irresistible. This Italian name has a root that means “selecting” or “rose.”


Italian Place Names

Trent is a well-known name of English origin that means “to flood.” Trento has a Latinate appeal and the city of the same name in northern Italy is famed for its Medieval and Renaissance town center. We think this name has so much potential for a baby boy.


Italian Place Names

Verona names another city in northern Italy, a place where Shakespeare set no fewer than three of his plays. The appellation was once a really popular choice in the US but that has not been the case since the 1930s. It’s for this name to make a comeback.


Italian Place Names

Bronte is a popular name in England today as it relates to the famed authors who were sisters. Bronte got its start as a Greek name that means “thunder.” The place likely got this name because of its proximity to the volcano Mount Etna. We think this one is best-suited for baby girls.


Italian Place Names

Another pick for your daughter, Vicenza names an Italian city that is the location of some world-class architecture. As given name, this name has gone virtually unused in the US. Why are parents overlooking this delightful name?


Italian Place Names

A spiritual cousin to the name, Nova, Novara names a city in the piedmont region of northern Italy that has notable architecture. The Basilica of San Gaudenzio, with its breathtaking dome, is a symbol of the city. We love this one for a baby girl.


Italian Place Names

Not too far from Novara is Genova. It names a port in Liguria. If you like the name Genevieve, this could be a fresh alternative. Despite being beautiful and completely accessible, Genova has never been a popular choice in the US. It’s time to change that, parents.

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Italian Place Names

A stylish and lyrical option for a baby boy, Loreto names a pilgrimage site and city in Italy. Sadly, this name has never been popular in the US. Prized for its art and architecture, Loreto is a gorgeous place worthy of baby name inspiration.

Choosing a name for your little one is an exciting and important decision. We hope this list of Italian place names has sparked your imagination and given you some ideas of beautiful, unique baby names. Take the time to explore different options, talk to family members, and sit with these names for a beat.Remember that whatever name you choose should not only be meaningful but should also make your baby feel loved and special in their own unique way!

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