What Does the Name James Mean? Discover James Name Meaning

A lot of expecting parents find themselves wondering about James name meaning. After all, James is one of the world’s most beloved baby names for boys. In fact, the name has never been out of the top 25 most popular baby names in the US. That’s a lot of love for tried-and-true James. So, what does the name James mean?

James is an English name from Hebrew, related to Jacob. The biblical name means “supplanter.” It belongs to two separate Apostles in the New Testament of the bible making it a popular option among religious parents. There have been kings of England and Scotland with the name and countless famous individuals with the appellation. Now, you know James name meaning! Additionally, we want to share with you some variations of the name James from around the world as well as other baby names that start with J that you should consider. Buckle up, we’re taking a trip through Jamestown!

Now That You Know James Name Meaning, Check Out Other Forms of This Appellation!


James Name Meaning

Pronounced HI-may, Jaime is the Spanish form of James. In its Spanish form, Jaime is a very popular option in the US today. It shares the James name meaning.


James Name Meaning

Jacques is the French variation of James that’s considered such a typically French name for boys that you rarely hear it in the US. It shares the James name meaning.


James Name Meaning

Another Spanish form of James that’s also popular in Cornish, is Jago. The name is pronounced jay-go or yay-go. Those pronunciations should clue you in that the Spanish name Diego is also a form of James and shared the James name meaning.


James Name Meaning

A name that’s virtually unheard in the US, Jaap comes from Dutch origin and is pronounced yahp. Despite being such a different variant, Jaap shares James name meaning, “supplanter.”


James Name Meaning

Another name you’ve likely never encountered is Jaako. It comes from Finland where it is pronounced YAA-ko. Is this name too “out there” for American parents today? Despite it sounding more like Jacob than James, Jaako shares James name meaning.


James Name Meaning

A common variant that’s currently more popular in the UK (particularly in Scotland, Jamie is a hugely successful name! It’s likely that this diminutive form came from Scotland, but it still shares James name meaning.

Other Baby Names for Boys That Start with J!


James Name Meaning

An alternative spelling of Jackson, Jaxon is a cool and fresh way to invigorate this classic baby name. Jaxon is an English name that means “son of Jack.” So, if you’re a dad named Jack, this would be the one. Jaxon is currently the 39th most popular name for boys in the US.


James Name Meaning

Julian is a French and English name that comes from the Latin clan name Julius. The name means “youthful.” It’s a top 50 name in the US today!


James Name Meaning

Jose is the preferred Spanish and Portuguese form of Joseph which comes from Hebrew and means “Jehovah increases.” Jose is a handsome name and many people agree with us on this point as it is the 89th most popular name for boys. Pepe and Pepito are cute nicknames associated with this name.


James Name Meaning

A mildly popular name that’s on the rise today, Jasper comes from Persian origins and means “bringer of treasure.” Its meaning is related to the “Three Wise Men” present at the nativity.


James Name Meaning

A name that has a variety of spellings, Jaiden is an appellation that many baby name-watchers did not see coming. It’s now a wildly popular option for both boys and girls. It comes from Hebrew and means “God has heard.”


James Name Meaning

A classic name that parents have rediscovered following the popularity of the Jonas brothers, Jonas comes from the Greek word that means “dove.” While this name is just beginning to trend here, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Norway are already hip to it!


James Name Meaning

A name related to the Roman mythology figure, Jovan, who reigned supreme, Jovani can mean “majestic” and “God is gracious.” If you like this name but want an appellation that is more established, consider Giovanni.

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James Name Meaning

Jamari is an updated version of Jamal, a name with Arabic origins that means “beauty.” In the US, Jamari is now a more popular name than Tony, Chris, and Neil. We love this fresh name and its handsome meaning.


James Name Meaning

Jude and Judah are much more popular than the short and sweet name Jud. Jud is a diminutive of Judson, an English surname that means “son of Jordan.” If you’ve seen the musical, Oklahoma! you’re probably familiar with this name. Let’s reclaim “Poor Jud!”


James Name Meaning

Earlier, we mentioned a Roman deity related to the name Jovani. Jove is another name for Jupiter, the god of gods in Roman mythology. Therefore, this mythological name means “majestic.”


James Name Meaning

Jace is a shortened form of Jason and comes from Hebrew. It means “the Lord is salvation.” Jace is the 90th most popular name for boys in the US. It’s easy to see why!


James Name Meaning

Jermaine is a cool form of Germaine, a French name that means “from Germany.” Jermaine makes the top 1000 list, but its appeal has waned since its height in the 1970s. We likely have Jermaine Jackson of The Jackson Five fame to thank for its 70s surge.


James Name Meaning

Joaquin is a Spanish form of a Hebrew name that means “God will judge.” Joaquin is a fantastic name for boys that you’ll hear across the US and it’s also heavily used in Latin American countries like Chile and Argentina.


James Name Meaning

You won’t find the Japanese name, Jiro in the top 1000 in the US, but we sure hope that changes. The name is hugely favored in Japan where it often means “second son.”


James Name Meaning

We could have shared Jameson with you with the other James-variants but it does not share James name meaning. Instead, it means “son of James.” This English name for boys is enjoying a moment in the sun. It entered the top 100 for the first time in 2017. Keep it going, new parents!


James Name Meaning

Julio is the Spanish form of Julius and we must admit we like it better. This name for boys means “youthful.” It currently is the 522nd most popular name for boys in the US.


James Name Meaning

Javier is of Basque origins and it’s the Spanish and Arabic form of Xavier. Javier’s popularity has surged over the last few decades thanks, in part, to Spanish actor Javier Bardem who consistently impresses. The name means “bright.” We think it shines!


James Name Meaning

Not far from Jiro and Julio, Jairo is a Spanish name with Hebrew origins. It comes from the name Jairus, meaning “God enlightens.” Jairo made the top 1000 in 2018. The name is extremely popular in Columbia today and there are many professional footballers there with the name.

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James Name Meaning

A name that’s almost equally as beloved as James is Jason. Jason enjoys Greek origins and means “to heal.” You’ll recall that Jason and the Argonauts go on a quest for the Golden Fleece in Greek myth. The name is popular across Europe and in the US today.

Did you dig these baby names for boys that start with J? We hope you learned more about James name meaning and understand why so many new parents are attracted to the biblical favorite. J names for boys are endlessly jolly and lovely which is why they are so popular today! Now, go spread James name meaning far and wide!

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