Jamie Lee Curtis Talks of Feeling of Pride While Watching Her Son Become Her Daughter

Jamie Lee Curtis is sharing more intimate details regarding her ultra-private family life. During the same AARP The Magazine interview where Curtis explained how safe her husband of 36 years makes her feel, Curtis is also sharing the love she has for her transgender daughter.

While talking to AARP, Jamie Lee Curtis revealed that she and her husband Christopher Guest “have watched in wonder and pride as our son became our daughter Ruby.” Curtis continued to note that her 25-year-old daughter is a computer gaming editor, who is due to get married to her fiancé next year. Curtis will be the officiant.

Jamie Lee Curtis Proudly Talks About Her Two Daughters and Hope of Becoming a Grandmother

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Jamie Lee Curtis Talks of Feeling of Pride While Watching Her Son Become Her Daughter
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Curtis also revealed that her oldest daughter, Annie, 34, is married and a dance instructor.

Now, Curtis and Guest are hoping to become grandparents someday soon. Curtis’ as she revealed in the interview, has a soft spot for young children, so one can only imagine how much she will spoil her future grandchildren.

Further, Curtis opened up about how her tumultuous relationship with her biological father, Hollywood legend Tony Curtis, and being the product of multiple divorces led to her love of kids.

Jamie Lee Curtis Talks of Feeling of Pride While Watching Her Son Become Her Daughter
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“There is nothing harder than being a child, and I am a product of a lot of divorces. Janet (her mother) married four times, Bob (the stepfather who raised her) four, and Tony six. It is what it is, but I think, as a result, I have always had a feeling for vulnerable children.” 

And in the way Curtis has evolved from a vulnerable child to mother, to someone who dealt with a drug and alcohol addiction, to someone who has now been clean since 1999, the actress explained that her life is a “constant metamorphosis.” This can be said for a lot of people, especially over the last year, as so many saw their lives change completely in an instant.

And while Jamie Lee Curtis also had a “pivot” of her own in 2020, she decided to learn from it. “That’s the question. What are we planning for, what are we saving for? Why aren’t we wearing those Prada pants to lunch with a friend rather than saying, ‘Well, I only have those for a fancy occasion.’? I now feel a freedom in living authentically in the moment and being open to whatever shows up.” Is this what you feel as we walk further away from last year?

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