Jamie Lynn Spears Shares Disturbingly Hateful Messages She’s Been Receiving Since Britney Spears Called Her Out

After being unfollowed by her older sister, Jamie Lynn Spears is opening up about how the internet has been treating her. As Mamas Uncut has previously reported, after details of Britney Spears’ conservatorship have been made public and later dissolved, the singer has been open about her family and how she feels about them.

In the past, Spears has made comments about her father, mother, and younger sister, revealing her true feelings toward them. It was believed, originally, that Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears had a good relationship, but it now appears that is not the case.

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Jamie Lynn Spears Britney Spears

Over the last several months, Britney has called out her sister several times for various reasons, one being for allegedly not doing anything to help her while she was under the conservatorship she has described as “abuse.”

Jamie Lynn Spears Calls Out Scary Online Trolls as She Announces Pre-Sale for Her Tell-All Book

Now, Jamie Lynn is opening up about how Britney’s fans have treated her anonymously online. According to Jamie, not only has she received death threats but some of those threats have been geared toward her children. 

Alongside a screenshot of a message that threatened the hope of extreme violence on her two daughters, Jamie Lynn Spears wrote this:

“I’ve gotten beyond use to receiving the love and the hate of strangers, since before I ever even had a choice at the age of like 8, so growing up I had to learn to not acknowledge that hate and to rise above the evil and never give negativity the attention it so desperately wants, but this is one of the ones I can’t just brush off. You may not love me, and that’s fine, but THIS shouldn’t be tolerated under any circumstances, much less about innocent underage children.”

Jamie Lynn Spears Britney Spears

As Buzzfeed reported, Jamie continued saying she knows she is “blessed beyond measure, and I have so much to be thankful for… I can’t complain when there are much more important things to focus on in today’s world, so let’s all do one kind thing for someone else today, and just maybe this negativity will bring along something positive to someone who needs it. Love y’all.”

In the end, the person who sent the disturbingly hateful message eventually apologized for their words. “Don’t get me wrong, I still find the comments completely atrocious and unacceptable,” she continued. 

“But, perhaps by taking that moment and trying to turn a negative into a positive, I think it could have pointed out something to them and made a change in them to where they will no longer bully or shame or be hateful to anyone else. It’s important to remember that, you know, fighting negative with negative will never win anything. So coming from a positive place instead of spreading more bullying or more hate is the only way we’re ever gonna make a difference. Just remember that.”

What has Britney Spears Said About Jamie Lynn Spears in the Past?

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, Britney has thrown shade at Jamie Lynn Spears more than once. Immediately after a judge made the decision to end the conservatorship, Britney took to Instagram to say, “On cloud 9 right now!!!! First time flying a plane and first time in a prop plane!!! Geez, I was scared,” Britney captioned the video. 

“Pssss bringing the ship home, JL. Stay classy, beautiful people !!!! New pics coming soon!!!!” As BuzzFeed reported, at the time, it’s believed that the line about bringing the ship home was a subtle, yet direct, dig at her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.

Two days prior to the decision, Jamie Lynn Spears shared a photo of her daughter’s softball team after they won a championship. And back in August, Britney dragged her sister for performing one of her songs without her permission.

She has also vowed to never return to the stage until she is in control of what she is allowed to do. “For those of you who choose to criticize my dancing videos, look, I’m not gonna be performing on any stages anytime soon with my dad handling what I wear, say, do, or think,” she explained on Instagram. 

“And no I’m not gonna put on heavy makeup and try try try on stage again and not be able to do the real deal with remixes of my songs for years and begging to put my new music in my show for MY fans, so I quit,” Spears continued.

“I don’t like that my sister showed up at an awards show and performed MY SONGS to remixes!!!!! My so-called support system hurt me deeply!!!! This conservatorship killed my dreams, so all I have is hope and hope is the only thing in this world that is very hard to kill, yet people still try!!!! I didn’t like the way the documentaries bring up humiliating moments from the past. I’m way past all that and have been for a long time!!!!”

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