Jamie Lynn Spears Alleges Parents Pressured Her To Get Abortion At 16-Years-Old

Jamie Lynn Spears‘s upcoming memoir reveals her parent’s attempt to convince her to get an abortion at age sixteen.

Britney Spears‘ sister, who has recently been at cricized for her lack of public support for the newly engaged pop singer, is set to release her tell all memoir, titled Things I Should Have Said, early next year.

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Jamie Lynn, the shining start in the teen sitcom Zoey 101 for a handful of months before finding out she was pregnant in 2007, alleged that her parents attempted to pressure her into to terminate the pregnancy after she decided how she wanted to keep the child.

Regarding the events that followed after she informed her parents and management about the pregnancy, Jamie Lynn wrote, “[they] came to my room trying to convince me that having a baby at this point in my life was a terrible idea … ‘It will kill your career. You are just too young. You don’t know what you’re doing. There are pills you can take. We can help you take care of this problem … I know a doctor.’”

“Everyone was certain that termination would be the best course of action,” she added. “Everyone around me just wanted to make this ‘issue’ disappear.”

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In another raw and emotional excerpt, Jamie Lynn alleged how she and her dad got into an argument, “slinging words and tossing insults,” when he brought up adoption. She went on to say that her mom “wore her disappointment like her favorite jacket.”

Jamie Lynn additionally recalled how she she and her mom went into hiding during the course of her pregnancy and claimed that she wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about it. This included her very own sister, Britney.

“I needed [Britney] more than ever and she wasn’t able to help me in my most vulnerable time,” she wrote.

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“To this day, the hurt of not being able to tell my sister myself still lingers.”

Jamie Lynn also alleged that she had her phone taken away in an attempt to stop her from contacting people outside of her family and immediate circle.

Jamie Lynn is now 30 and has two children, aged 13 and 3.

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