Jana Kramer Shares Brilliant Crib Hack for Parents Who Are Too Short or Can’t Lift Their Kids

Brilliant. Innovative. Genius. These are just some of the words used to describe the hack singer and actress Jana Kramer and her husband former football player Mike Caussin came up with.

A few days ago, Kramer underwent a breast augmentation and lift. As a result, she is unable able to lift her son out of his crib for six weeks. And even so, regardless of her limitations, after lowering the crib to prevent their littler boy from climbing out of it on his own, Kramer realized she is a tad too short to comfortably lift him out of it.

Jana Kramer Shares Epic Crib Hack

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So they came up with a plan, cut one side of the crib, added a hinge and a lock, and created a door so that when Caussin isn’t around, Kramer can get her son out of bed these next few weeks without causing any unnecessary pain or complications.

And to show off their genius creation, Kramer and Caussin created a hysterical 90s-style infomercial to share with their followers on Instagram.

“Honestly, since we lowered his crib, it’s been so hard to put Jace in and out and now that I can’t lift for 6 weeks I came up with this idea. Genius or dumb I’m not sure but I do feel like this could help a lot of other people too.”

And people really, really loved it. “This is genius! I almost fall in the crib putting my twins in their cribs,” one follower wrote. “Omg. The short mamas would love you. Get that idea patented ASAP!!!!” another said.

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“This will also help pregnant women!!!” a third said. You just have to love a good parenting hack and it sounds like this one can help out a lot of other moms out there as well!

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