Jason Kelce Shares His ‘Dad Hacks’ After Taking His Three Young Daughters to Disney World

Days after spending time with his family at the Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida, Jason Kelce is sharing his dad hacks.

During the newest episode of his and Travis’s podcast New Heights, the brothers talked about Jason’s family trip to Disney World that included his wife, his three daughters, and the grandparents. A trip that gave Travis FOMO (fear of missing out), he admitted.

“What’s the dad hack for taking children to Disney, Jason,” Travis asked. “There is no hack,” Jason admitted. 

“The dad hack is have zero plans going in and just go with what the day is,” the center continued. “Have like one or two things that you got to hit and outside of that its a wild card.”

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“The kids are going to be very unpredictable. Know where your exits are, know where your restrooms are. And just don’t count on anything going according to plan,” Jason added, as Travis admits that’s “the plan in life.”

“And just know, occasionally, you’re going to have to get them…as a dad, part of your job is to snap them out of the temper tantrums and the bad moods with candy, fun, something, right? Or discipline. It’s one of those three,” the father of three continued.

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“It’s either, ‘HEY!’ Or, that usually doesn’t work, especially with kids that young, they don’t give a sh**. So you got to go straight to candy or like, ‘Hey, let’s play hide and go seek!’ Then you just go run and hide someplace and there like, ‘Oh, where’s dad at?’ You got to have some strategies built in.”

Jason admitted he pulled the hide and seek trick around his own father once and Papa Kelce was impressed. “Learned from the best,” Jason joked.

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