Super Bowl Mystery Solved: The Real Owner of the Nacho Libre Mask Jason Kelce Wore All Night Found

As the high from the Super Bowl winds to a close, a Jason Kelce mystery has been solved.

If you tuned into the Kelce Brother’s New Heights podcast, or seen one of the many videos from the celebration, mid-way through the night, Jason Kelce found a Nacho Libre mask at one of the night clubs and proceeded to wear it the rest of the night.


Jason Kelce at the chiefs afterparty ????

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During the podcast, Jason, albeit a fuzzy memory, thought he found the mask on the floor of a club. But has we have come to learn that wasn’t actually true.

And for Jason’s sake we are kind of glad he didn’t wear a mask found on the floor of a Vegas night club all night long.

As the real story goes, Jason came across a fan now known as Elijah Smith, who “gave him my mask and then he dropped it and then picked it back up. Then I got a picture with him wearing it and then I just hung out next to them for five to ten minutes, they were dancing and everything.”

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Due to the large crowd of people, Elijah and Jason got separated while Jason was still wearing the mask. “I saw videos on Instagram this week of him wearing it at the next after-party he went to, so he clearly never took it off the whole night,” Smith told NBCDFW.

And while Smith is elated Jason had so much fun with the mask, Elijah’s dad Thad admitted they would like to get the mask back. Why? Well, because it’s the Chiefs’ lucky charm.

“The only thing is, Jason if you’re listening, we just need the mask back before the season starts. Because it’s a lucky mask, and so the Chiefs need the luck. I’m sorry we’re not Eagles fans,” said Thad Smith. “Last year when I wore it in Arizona, I feel like every single time I put it on we would score a touchdown,” Elijah added.

Elijah also admitted that the mask is signed by Chiefs cornerback Trent McDuffie. Now, Elijah is hoping that Jason might sign it himself before sending it back.

And it sounds like that’s exactly what Jason is going to do.

“Operation ‘Get Elijah His Mask Back’ is underway,” Jason wrote on Twitter. “I appreciate everyone bringing this to my attention, and look forward to uniting Elijah with his mask once again. Your mask indeed brings great fortune, I owe you big time, sorry it was commandeered.”

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How awesome is that?

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