Jeffrey Epstein Attempted to Send a Letter to Convicted Child Molester, Larry Nassar, Before Committing Suicide in His Cell

When Jeffrey Epstein first arrived at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in July 2019, he was allegedly adjusting well to life behind bars. He showed an initial interest in exercising outside and even signed up for a Kosher meal plan. At the time, he was facing up to 45 years in prison for sex trafficking charges. 

His positive attitude didn’t last long and his mental health deteriorated extremely quickly, which ultimately led to his suicide on August 10, 2019 – about one month after arriving at the correctional center. The two guards, who were supposed to be checking in on him every 30 minutes, failed to do so for nearly 3 hours. 

Over the past few years, many people have grown curious about his behavior and overall mindset in the weeks leading up to his suicide. Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request – filed by the Associated Press with the Federal Bureau of Prisons – we’re getting a detailed look at the child predator’s final days. 

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As part of the request, the AP obtained more than 4,000 documents that paint quite a dark picture of his final days. And while there were a lot of discoveries hidden in those documents, one of the more shocking ones was his apparent friendship with Larry Nassar, a convicted child molester who is in prison for life. 

Nassar was the team doctor of the US women’s national gymnastics team for 18 years between 1996 and 2014. He was accused of, arrested for, charged with, and eventually found guilty on multiple counts of sexual abuse (for sexually assaulting gymnasts and other athletes) and possession of child pornography. 

According to the new documents that were released on Thursday, Jeffrey Epstein had written a letter to Larry Nassar while they were both in separate prisons. While the contents of the letter weren’t released to the public, we do know that Nassar never had an opportunity to read the letter and never even received it. 

The letter made it to the prison Nassar is serving his sentence in, but it was marked with a ‘Return to Sender’ stamp and sent back to Epstein’s prison – where it was found (unopened) in the mail room several weeks after his death. Now, everyone is curious to learn more about their apparent friendship. 

What Else Did We Learn About Jeffrey Epstein?

Aside from the letter he sent to Larry Nassar, we’re learning a lot about the mental state of Jeffrey Epstein leading up to his death in August 2019. Despite only being inside the Metropolitan Correctional Center for 36 days, he apparently struggled to adapt to prison life and even called himself a ‘coward’ as an inmate. 

He complained about having to wear an orange jumpsuit – especially when his attorneys visited him – and lacked the type of interpersonal connections he had grown accustomed to outside of prison. His mental health reportedly took a turn for the worse on July 18 when he was denied bail prior to his trial. 

We also learned that Jeffrey Epstein made a strange phone call the night before he died. While meeting with lawyers, he excused himself and asked to make a phone call to his mother, Pauline Epstein – who had passed away in 2004. No one knows who he called or what the phone call was regarding. 

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And finally, we learned a little more about his physical health and some of the conditions he was suffering from in his final days – which included sleep apnea, constipation, high blood pressure, and prediabetes. It was also confirmed that he had ‘no history of sexual predation’ while inside the correctional center. 

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