Jenna Bush Hager Shares Some of Her Best White House Stories From Her Past: Including How Her Now-Husband Once Snuck Out of the White House

Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of former President George W. Bush and current co-host of Today with Hoda & Jenna, spent most of her life around the White House. Not only was her father President during her college years, but her grandfather – George H.W. Bush – was President while she was a child. 

Through the years, Jenna has been very open and candid about her experience in the White House. She was a college student when her father took office and was known for her desire to have a good time – in April and May 2001, she was arrested twice for alcohol-related charges, along with her twin sister Barbara.

While co-hosting her show with Hoda Kotb on Thursday morning, she was asked to share some of her best stories while living at the White House – considering most people that visit the White House have a good story to go with it. After a brief pause, Jenna gave viewers two stories and they didn’t disappoint. 

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The first story featured her now-husband, Chase Hager. The two were dating at the time – early in their relationship, around 2004-05 – and they had spent the night out at some bars. She explained how they were at that point in their relationship where they would go home with one another at the end of the night. 

On this particular day, that ‘home’ ended up being the White House and while he didn’t think anything of it at first, he immediately grew petrified when he woke up and realized where he was. At the time, he was working for her father – the President – and didn’t want to be seen by any of the White House staffers. 

Jenna added that her parents were traveling and weren’t home at that moment, but his plan to leave unnoticed was unsuccessful. Due to the tight security focused on those that were coming in, the men at the front gate didn’t realize someone was trying to sneak out – so he was forced to get their attention.

And that’s the man she went on to marry on May 10, 2008 – the wedding took place at her parents’ Prairie Chapel Ranch. Their family has grown by three since then, welcoming a daughter named Margaret Laura in 2013, a daughter named Poppy Louise in 2015, and a son named Henry Harold in 2019 – a full house!

Jenna Bush Hager Shares Some of Her Best White House Stories From Her Past
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Jenna Bush Hager Caught Her Mother Dancing to The Pointer Sisters With Her Girlfriends

When most people picture the First Lady, they picture someone proper, polite, and well-mannered. When Jenna Bush Hager pictures the First Lady, she pictures her mom – who served as First Lady between 2001 and 2009, when George W. Bush was President. She was the subject of Jenna’s second story.

While Laura Bush was always proper, polite, and well-mannered in front of the camera, Jenna got to see a different side of her sometimes – and she shared one of those unique moments with viewers. It happened during a party one night when her parents had over some of their close friends from Texas. 

Jenna and Henry had just gotten home and were about to go to bed, but were taken back when they heard The Pointer Sisters blasting in her father’s office. When they walked in to see what was going on, her mother was dancing her tail off with some of her girlfriends to the pop music – so they decided to join.

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While Jenna and her twin sister, Barbara, never lived at the White House full-time, they spent enough time there to call it home during the 2000s, and for that reason, we can only imagine the number of stories Jenna Bush Hager has inside that place. Nonetheless, we’re glad she’s sharing some of those stories.

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