Jennifer Garner On The Challenges Of Being A Mother: ‘I Don’t Feel Like A Powerhouse’

Jennifer Garner, 49, a successful actor and mom of three doesn’t always feel like a “powerhouse” most days.

“I laugh, really. You’re going to call this a brand? It’s a struggle bus. I do not view myself as a brand. I don’t feel like a powerhouse,” says Garner, 49. “They see me working my tail off,” she tells me during a recent zoom conversation.

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She went on to share what she hopes to model for her children as they evolve.

“What matters to me is that they see me as a beginner. I’m a neophyte in every way and just struggling with my own ego, with how ignorant I am and how willing I am to say, ‘I don’t know. Can you teach me?’ And that I just keep showing up no matter what, even if I get frustrated with myself for not remembering every single thing that I’ve heard before or how it all fits together. That’s what matters to me, for my kids to see. And I think they are taking that in.”

“I have a lot of friends. I don’t need my kids to try to be my friends. They need to focus on themselves,” she says.

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“My kids are totally my buddies and I love a date with just one of them more than just about anything. I raised my own travel buddies who like to go look into old churches and like to find the bookstore and like to just get lost in having to adventure and eat. I just enjoy them so, so much, but I don’t want them to have the burden of having to be my best friend.”

She went on to admit, she is just doing her best to keep up.

“I’ve got three kids in three schools and it is just a s*** show. It’s all forms, all the time. Just keeping up with emails and COVID this and that. I am not type-A like people think I am. They assume I am, for some reason, because of the characters I’ve played or whatever. I kind of scramble — sometimes I overcompensate because I’m trying so hard to just keep up,” she admits.

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