Let Jessa Duggar Teach You How to Make the Cutest DIY Minimalist Kid Portraits

Jessa Duggar recently shared a DIY tutorial for how to create minimalist portraits of your kids. She uploaded the video to her YouTube channel and fans, as well as parents, are loving her ideas.

A home decor refresh is great every once and a while and it’s even more important when you have kids whose needs are constantly changing. Jessa has three kids whose play habits change constantly. She’s been improving her home little by little since March and the latest video installment of the process is super special.

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Since March, Jessa Duggar has been trying to make her home feel lighter and more contemporary.

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Here’s a little glimpse into a Seewald home project that was completed recently. ☺️ Decided on a whim that I wanted to become more of a minimalist, and the first thing I wanted to do was to repaint our living room a lighter color— Revere Pewter. It was 7pm, and Ben was going to be in a meeting for the next few hours, so I loaded up the boys and headed to Lowe’s. Spent $60 on a quality one-coat gallon of paint, tape, a roller, pan and brush— came home and got to work. ???? Ben was pleasantly surprised when he walked in the door. ???? . Finished painting at 1am (fear not, windows were open and it was well ventilated ????)— and then I started thinking about how we could sell off some of our bulkier items in our living room, such as the coffee table and end tables. Decided to try out fb marketplace for the first time, and they sold in a matter of minutes! With the money made, it gave me a budget to be able to buy a new rug from Amazon and a couple of plants from Hobby Lobby (when they were 1/2 off, of course)! Also found some adorable throw pillows for $4 each at a second hand store. . Of course the kiddos corner isn’t quite minimalist. Probably need to sort through and donate a few things. ???? The slide will be staying even though it’s not “on theme”. Lol! I was driving down the road and saw a lady dragging it to the curb, so I pulled over immediately and she said I could have it! It was definitely God-sent bc I had recently been looking at similar, sturdy options online, but wasn’t ready to spend $100+ on something like that! Such a blessing. The boys play on it all the time, and it’s great when the weather is rainy or bad as a way for them to get their energy out indoors. (Got this idea from my mom, as we had a similar slide in our living room growing up. ????) . It may not be HGTV worthy, but it’s the hub of our home and we feel like it’s a massive transformation! ???????? Loving the lighter colors and having less in the room— and the fact that, by selling some things, we weren’t out a penny and actually made some cash! It definitely makes this little the area feel a lot bigger!! And it’s been wonderful having more floor space for the kids to wrestle and built things. ☺️

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Jessa recently gave birth to her third child, Ivy Jane Seewald.

Look at this beautiful family of five.

With the birth of Ivy, the dynamics of the home changed and Jessa wanted more room for her kids to play.

She got rid of clutter and some furniture and put down a large area rug for her kids to play on.

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There’s a window of time in the toddler years where little ones become eager to help. It’s so sweet to watch their excitement as they are allowed to take part in meaningful tasks— not pretend “helping”, but really doing something that helps out the whole family. Playing together is fun, but even the cleanup can be fun if we do it together. ???????????? There’s a sense of importance and belonging and being needed. Sometimes as a mom I have to pause and remember this. Yes, it may take 5x longer than if I did it myself, but they find it exciting to help out and lend a hand. We definitely need to encourage this and not squelch the excitement. Spurgeon wanted to vacuum the rug this morning, so I showed him how to get started, and then he took over. I stood there in awe watching this determined little guy. After 10 min of going in circles and stopping to inspect for any missed spots, he had the whole thing spotless! Wiping down the table, putting away toys, dumping ingredients and mixing in a bowl, grabbing a diaper for the baby, loading spoons and cups into the dishwasher— they’re eager to take part. As they show interest in household tasks, there needs to be less of sending them off to play, and more of bringing them alongside us and involving them in what we’re doing. At first, tasks will be joint or may require our full supervision, but before we know it they will be older, competent, and be able do these tasks on their own— and do them well. My mom modeled this beautifully. “There’s a window of time where they’re eager to help. Capture it. Don’t squelch it.” ☺️❤️

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Ivy’s really into it.

Let’s be honest, all the kids are into it.

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Recently, Jessa updated fans with more of her DIY home makeover ideas. She wanted to create special portraits of her three children.

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These three. ☺️???? @ben_seewald

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The whole family (especially the kids) is pretty crafty so fans were excited to see what she had in store.

She uploaded a video where she describes the process of creating minimalist portraits on canvas.

The results are stunning and these portraits will put a smile on your face for years to come.

We weren’t the only ones impressed by Jessa’s DIY skills.

Jessa Duggar Debutes DIY Minimalist Kid Portraits
Jessa Seewald / YouTube

The video already has over 50,000 views and the comments are glowing.

Jessa Duggar Debutes DIY Minimalist Kid Portraits
Jessa Seewald / YouTube

Well done Jessa! The Seewald family will cherish these memories and the portraits forever.

Let’s take one last look at those incredible minimalist kid portraits, eh?

Jessa Duggar Minimalist DIY Kid Portraits

So cute! Excuse us while we try and go recreate them for our kids!

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