Jessie Cave Opens Up about Covid Ordeal with Infant Son

Harry Potter star Jessie Cave‘s infant son was recently released from the hospital after being treated for Covid-19. Now, the mom of three is speaking out about the difficult ordeal.

The actress appeared on the U.K. Talk Show Lorraine to discuss her son’s health scare. Cave’s son Abraham “Bam” Benjamin was just a little over two months old when he contracted Covid-19 and was hospitalized.

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“Nothing has gone to plan, which I guess everyone can relate to this year. It was a really scary start,” she said during the interview while holding Bam. “He was in the neonatal unit after a really sudden, quick labor. He came out within 45 minutes, so he was just a bit like, ‘What’s going on,’ and was taken to the neonatal unit. He’s 11 weeks now, and it’s just been, I couldn’t believe it when we found out. But I almost can believe it because it’s been such a strange period of time for everyone. Very scary.”

Cave admitted she didn’t realize babies could catch the virus.

“All I know is it’s absolutely the most contagious thing. I was completely symptomless, so it’s just bizarre. I did go and get a test because I wanted to see my mom and family at Christmas, and then obviously we couldn’t,” she said. “And he was completely fine, there was absolutely nothing wrong. Then over a week, almost two weeks later, just suddenly turned. That’s the thing about newborns, you have to be so hyper-aware of every single symptom and just to trust your instincts. Within a day of realizing he was just kind of changing a little bit, he wasn’t feeding as much and his cry was different, it was like a different baby.”

Cave encouraged parents to seek medical care immediately if they notice any changes in their babies.

“I just went for it and I went into [the emergency room]. I think that’s what everyone has to do,” adds the actress. “They have to be so aware of a sudden quick change, ’cause it could have been a completely different story if I hadn’t gone in.”

Because Bam is so young, the break in routine also affected Cave’s ability to breastfeed during his illness.

“Even my breastfeeding was completely affected by this, even two nights of a change of routine has affected us,” she said. “Because of the stress, my milk dried up a little bit and now I’ve had to give him formula … just two nights can affect your entire lives for a bit.”

When sharing a video clip of the interview her Instagram account, Cave noted that parents should be on the lookout for irritability or changes in mood and feeding patterns, cold hands and feet, runny nose or cold-like symptoms, fast breathing or a change in temperature.

“Basically trust your mother’s instinct…and go in to hospital if you are at all concerned.”

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