Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard Dragged for Taking Kids on Food Delivery During Tornado Warning

Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband Derick Dillard are taking heat after they shared images from a recent food delivery trip. Derick works as a food delivery driver and decided to take the whole family along for a delivery. The problem? It was during a tornado warning amid a global health crisis.

Fans and Duggar critics alike are condemning the former Counting On stars for endangering themselves and their two young children: Israel, 5, and Samuel, 2.

Jill Duggar shared a video of her husband picking up food on her Instagram.

Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard Slammed for Taking Kids on Food Delivery During Tornado Warning
@jillmdillard / Instagram Stories

Jill shared with fans on her Instagram story, that she and her kids were joining Derick as he delivers food for GrubHub, a meal delivery service.

In the video, she says, “What are we doing, babe?”

“Alright, we are doing a Grubhub run here to Popeyes and we got an order for Dorothy!”

“Seems like a very appropriate name for the order because there’s a tornado warning in the county just west of us and it’s moving towards us … so this should be an adventure tonight.”

The video goes on to show the couple joking about a tornado and referring to The Wizard of Oz.

Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard Slammed for Taking Kids on Food Delivery During Tornado Warning
@jillmdillard / Instagram Stories

“And we got Kansas license plates right in front of us. I don’t know what this means!” Derick says during another video after seeing a car in front of them with a Kansas license plate.

While the couple took delight in joking about the tornado that carried Dorothy away in The Wizard of Oz, fans were fuming about them putting their children in harm’s way.

Fans criticized Jill and Derick for a variety of reasons for several reasons.

The Sun found comments on Reddit about Jill and Derick’s outing and fans were not pleased, to say the least.

“Why the [h*ll] would they be riding with him? Why would he want that? Why would they want that? Can’t he have a moment’s peace?” one critic on Reddit asked. “It’s just what you’d want — have 3 people take up room in the car, and 3 extra people who can touch the bags.”

“I feel like this isn’t ok. I’m an Instacart shopper and we are absolutely not allowed to bring anyone along with us that isn’t a shopper. It’s a safety violation to have anyone along that doesn’t have a background check on file,” another added.

“I have a thing about children being around my food (sorry, they’re germ factories) and so I would honestly be so annoyed to see my delivery driver with his whole damn family in the car dropping off my dinner or whatever,” another fan commented, noting that children spread germs.

Least of all they were out… in a car… with small children… during a tornado warning.

“Everything is wrong here, but who the [f**k] takes their preschool age children out for a drive in tornado weather? What the actual [f**k]?” someone asked the obvious question.

Another person joked about the danger the couple put their children in writing, “In a tornado, no less. Were they also juggling knives in the back seat to entertain themselves?”

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We’re not from Arkansas, but the delivery trip does seem like a mistake.

For people living in “tornado alley” which Arkansas, where the Dillards live, is a part of, it might be common practice to carry on daily business in the midst of a tornado warning. However, as an outsider looking in, it seems irresponsible to unnecessarily include children in a potentially unsafe outing.

While it might have been a form of gallows humor, hearing Jill and Derick joke about tornadoes and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz before turning the camera to stormy skies didn’t sit right.

Jill and Derick did not follow government guidelines about safety if the tornado warning extended to their area.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, “Tornadoes can destroy buildings, flip cars, and create deadly flying debris. Tornadoes are violently rotating columns of air that extend from a thunderstorm to the ground.”

“Flip cars…” That seems ominous. According to KSFM News, the tornado warning did extend to Benton County, where the Dillards live.

In the event of a tornado warning, the Department of Homeland Security advises:


  • If you can safely get to a sturdy building, then do so immediately.
  • Go to a safe room, basement, or storm cellar.
  • If you are in a building with no basement, then get to a small interior room on the lowest level.
  • Stay away from windows, doors, and outside walls.
  • Do not get under an overpass or bridge. You’re safer in a low, flat location.
  • Watch out for flying debris that can cause injury or death.
  • Use your arms to protect your head and neck.

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