Jon Gosselin Shares Letter Revealing Abuse Allegations Were ‘Unfounded’ Following Collin’s 911 Call

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jon Gosselin is opening up about the recent abuse allegations that have been made against him. As Mama Uncut previously reported, his son Collin Gosselin publicly accused him of throwing him to the ground and kicking him in a now-deleted Instagram post.

As a result of the post and the teenager’s call to the police, Jon was investigated for child abuse. This comes a few years after Jon pulled Collin out of the institution he was put in by his mother, Kate Gosselin. In 2016, Kate told People that Collin had special needs and that in order to get the care he needs, the institution was the best place for him.

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Jon Gosselin Opens Up About Collin’s Abuse Allegations

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And although Jon has denied that Collin was ever diagnosed with special needs, he has recently revealed that Collin does suffer from PTSD. The father of 8 also claimed that Collin’s mental health issues stem from the way Kate treated him in years past.

Their daughter Hannah, who is the only other child to currently live with Jon has also come out in support of her father. “My dad has been there for me and Collin no matter what,” Hannah told the Daily Mail. “He’s been a very loving and supportive dad throughout everything. Collin is facing many difficult issues and my dad is doing everything in his power to help him. My dad loves us and has never been abusive to us in any way.”

All of their other children still live with Kate. Now, Jon is opening up about what exactly happened the day that Collin called 911 with Entertainment Tonight.

According to Jon Gosselin, the last time Kate spoke to Collin was five years ago and he denies the abuse allegations that have been pinned against him. In fact, the investigation that took place, as a result, concluded that the abuse claims have been unfounded, according to a letter obtained by ET from the County of Berks, Pennsylvania Children and Youth Services.

Jon says it all began when an argument “escalated into something, you know, I had to restrain him and I’ve done that a couple of times. I didn’t think he would call the police but he wanted to get his way and the police did their investigation and there were no charges or citations filed.”

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In terms of Collin’s therapy sessions, Jon says he has been to every single one of them and has done his best to give him a normal life after being in an institution for years. “I’ve put him in school. I’ve walked him through everything. He’s got a job, stuff like that, and Kate hasn’t talked to him in five years.”

“I mean, Kate didn’t show up for his custody battle when they awarded me sole legal and physical custody. So now I find it interesting that she’s so concerned about a child she doesn’t even talk to. … I mean, I find that interesting, so everyone can make their mind up of what she’s trying to do.”

Jon also opened up about years Collin was institutionalized. “He was there in his first place for 18 months and then thankfully he was moved to another place for a year and then it took me a year to get him out, but at least I could work with those people to let them know that, you know, this isn’t the child that you think he is, and I got him out and then he’s been at home with me for two years now.”

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Now, Collin is a student at one of their local public schools and “he has a 3.9 GPA,” after “he missed school for three years and got caught up in all schoolwork, he has a full-time job — he works on a farm,” Jon Gosselin said of his son.

In the past, Kate has been accused of abuse as well, by both people and Collin. And like Jon, it is something she has publicly denied. However, Jon has told ET that he has “documented evidential proof and if anyone wants to contest that with me, I have the evidence to back it up. I’m not worried about skating around the truth anymore … nor anything that would deter from the truth.”

“It’s evidential that she has been abusive to Collin. I have the evidence to prove that and … she made this public and she wants to drag it out. She better watch what she’s saying only because it’s only going to, you know, come back to hurt her in the end. I have nothing to hide. I’m out here on ET doing an interview in the middle of my lunch break at work, you know? And I’m just trying to get my day done. I have so much on my plate, you know?”

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Jon Gosselin’s only goal now is to get back to his daily life and raising Collina and Hannah. And when it comes to returning to reality TV, that is just not something Jon wants to do anymore.

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