Jon Gosselin Opens Up About His Daughter’s Future and the Fear He Has For All of His Kids

Over the last couple of years, the Gosselin family has found themselves away from the limelight. And as Jon Gosselin is telling The Sun, his kids have blossomed during this time.

As Mamas Uncut has previously reported, Jon Gosselin has custody of two of his eight children. The other six remain with their mother, his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin.

Jon Gosselin Opens Up About His Daughter’s Future and the Fear He Has For All of His Kids

And while Jon himself has recently endured a second breakup with his longtime partner Colleen, it seems as though he has been solely focused on his children. He recently took to Instagram to share a few details about a recent trip he took to Florida with his daughter Hannah.

Hannah, who is almost 18 years old, and her twin brother Collin, live with their father and have for the last several years. Hannah is gearing up for the next chapter in her life, college.

According to The Sun, Jon and Hannah enjoyed themselves very much on their recent vacation to Miami, Florida. But it wasn’t all for pleasure.

As an insider revealed to the magazine, Hannah is planning on attending college in Florida and also already has a new business opportunity lined up for the future. “Jon can’t believe his kids are almost 18,” the insider revealed.

“He wants to make sure he makes the best of his last year with Hannah and Collin. He still has high hopes that when his other kids turn 18 they can make their own decision to hopefully rekindle their relationship with him.”

Since his separation from Kate Gosselin, the family has endured many hardships as a family. Despite the sextuplets just weeks away from becoming adults, Jon and Kate have found themselves in a decade-long custody battle that is still ongoing.

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“Hannah has been talking nonstop about getting out of rural Pennsylvania and going to college in Florida,” the insider continued to reveal to The Sun. “Hannah was even considering graduating early because she wants to start taking college courses and majoring in business.”

In fact, Hannah’s dreams of becoming a businesswoman are clearer than ever after the insider says she’s already been approached by a company about something pretty major. “She was approached by a company that has given her a huge opportunity and she is over the moon about it. She can’t wait to tell her friends and announce it to the world.”

“She and Jon flew down to Florida for a photoshoot and to settle details on her new business endeavor,” the insider reported. However, because his children are also starting off well thanks to their years of being reality television stars, Jon admits he’s worried they will burn through the money when they do become legal adults.

In an effort to shield Hannah and Colin from that fate, he enrolled them in finance classes to help them prepare. The Sun claims each of the eight children will receive their money in four increments. “Twenty-five percent at age 18, 25-percent at 21, and the other half at ages 25 and 30.”

A source says Jon “has no control over the other kids and is worried whether they will use the money wisely. He is hoping they will use the money for schooling but at this point, he has no control. He just wants the best for them. Jon was so concerned about the kids he has custody of, he had them take finance classes to prepare, and luckily they both got As.”

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