Justin Long and Kate Bosworth Share Details Behind Their Proposal Story and It’s Beautiful!

Justin Long and Kate Bosworth are what you would call ‘relationship goals’ and their proposal story all-but proves that point. The couple originally met while filming an untitled project in the spring of 2021 – at the time, Bosworth was married to Michael Polish, who she had been with for more than 10 years. 

Bosworth and Polish announced her separation in August 2021 and it didn’t take long for rumors to start swirling of a possible relationship between Long and Bosworth. They were spotted together in November 2021 and Long talked about having a girlfriend in an interview in December 2021, but didn’t reveal who. 

In January 2022, it was confirmed that they were in a relationship. Over the next few months, they grew more public with the relationship and were no longer shy about it by the end of the year. Rumors of a possible engagement started last month after her divorce was finalized and she was seen wearing a ring. 

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On April 4, Justin Long and Kate Bosworth confirmed their engagement and talked about their adorable love story in an episode of Life is Short with Justin Long – a podcast he started in 2019. They knew they’d be asked about it, so they decided to share the story together on his podcast – just the two of them.

During the podcast, Long and Bosworth gave fans all the details behind their proposal story and it sounds like a scene out of a movie. It all started when Justin asked Kate’s father, Harold Bosworth, for his blessing as he prepared the perfect proposal – a proposal that he spent a lot of time and energy planning. 

“I did have a special thing planned around [Kate’s] birthday and about a month before that we were talking about (how) things change, and sometimes they change pretty drastically without any warning,” Justin said during the podcast. And that change came when the couple were faced with sudden adversity. 

“We had just gone through this really hard thing,” Kate explained – adding that they went to a therapist who gave them some special advice. “Make sure you’re pretty consistently asking the other what you need, or asking the other what they need,” Kate continued to explain. That advice changed everything. 

Justin Long Decides to Make His Move

Despite having the perfect proposal planned, Justin Long decided to go against those plans one morning after waking up next to his then-girlfriend. Kate had looked at Justin and asked, “What do you need?” – to which Justin quickly responded, “To spend my life with you.” At the time, Kate didn’t think anything of it. 

“I smiled and I said, ‘Well, yeah, you have that. Oh my gosh, you have that,” Kate said, but that’s when Justin made his move. “No, I mean I really want to spend my life with you,” he responded. While it wasn’t how he imagined his proposal going, Justin looks back at that moment as the perfect time to propose. 

“It was the easiest — the words just came out so naturally,” Justin said during the podcast – while his now-fiancé described it as ‘the most romantic and honest and loving proposal.’ Now if that doesn’t get you in your feelings, then I don’t know what will because that sounds like a scene out of your favorite movie. 

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The podcast – which you can listen to here – lasted two hours as they shared an intimate conversation with one another about how their friendship sprouted into a relationship and blossomed into a soon-to-be marriage. It goes to show how things really can change in the blink of an eye, sometimes for the best!

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