Justine Bateman Wants Women to Get Over the Fear of Getting and Looking Older: “There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Face”

Justine Bateman is getting candid about the natural aging process and how many young women today are trying to avoid it. While she used to fear growing old – and looking old – she has since changed her mindset and has learned how to love the way she looks, even as the aging process takes its course. 

She opened up about all of this in an interview with 60 Minutes Australia last week, where she said she doesn’t care about those that make rude comments about how old she looks. “I just don’t give a s**t. I think I look rad. I think my face represents who I am. I like it,” she said – making headlines in the process.

“I’m saying forget about your face – that’s what I’m saying. Get at the fear that is making you think that the fact that your face is wrinkled is going to ‘X’ out a bunch of opportunities for you,” she continued in the interview. She also talked about how Hollywood is influencing a lot of these fears on younger women. 

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Justine Bateman doubled down on her thoughts in a new sit-down interview with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager on TODAY’s Hoda & Jenna. And while it’s only been a week since the 60 Minutes interview, Bateman is already receiving a positive response from those who once feared growing old, but now don’t. 

She spoke about a message she received from a mother who said her 16-year-old daughter watched the interview and it helped her get over the fear of getting older. Justine went on to explain that there are a lot of good things that come with growing old and women should be focusing on those things, not their face. 

“It’s silly. I’ve never been smarter, I’ve never had more connections. It’s like when you’re younger you know the [guy at the] door of the nightclub? When you’re older, you know the person who owns the building that the nightclub is in,” she said – adding that the war on aging is more of an inside job. 

She wants young women to know that they’re being lied to with all the marketing and anti-aging products available today – most of it is nothing more than a money-grab. She believes companies are influencing and incentivizing that fear, but women can counter it by staying on their path and trusting the process. 

Justine Bateman Shares Her Secret for Getting Over the Fear

Speaking to Hoda and Jenna, Justine Bateman talked about the reasons why many women fear getting old and how they can get over that fear and thrive in their older skin. “Some people are afraid they’ll lose their job or never get a job or not get a mate or no one’s going to listen to them or whatever,” she said. 

Bateman believes that those fears existed far before their face started to change and women need to start focusing on the root of the fear. For example, some companies might prefer someone who’s younger, not because they look younger, but because they’re less experienced and, therefore, less expensive. 

“I’m just somebody who got myself on the other side of what that fear was for me in particular, and I’m just sharing what worked for me. Lots of ways to get there, but for anyone who wants to get free,” she said of getting over her own fear of aging. She did it by listening to herself, not what others thought about her.

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She doesn’t want anyone else to get distracted by all the negative comments being thrown at them because there’s always something better coming your way – even when it might not seem like it. “There’s nothing wrong with your face. Don’t let it distract you from all the things that are coming your way.”

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