100 K Boy Names From Around the World to Consider

How many K boy names do you think are in the US top 100 most popular names for boys? Only one! Kayden is a newer name to land on the popularity charts and it’s the most popular K boy name in America today. K boy names are so very attractive and most of them are relatively new in popularity with the first appellations making the US top 1000 in the 1950s.

If you’re looking for a name for your son that start with K, you have come to the right place. We have curated a list of so many K boy names for you to consider. We’ve broken the names up into categories starting with the most popular names that start with K for boys today and following with a variety of others like names inspired by nature and names originating in an array of languages. Now, find the perfect name for your son below!

Most Popular K Boy Names

K Boy Names
  • Kayden – Most parents do not know that Kayden is an Australian Aboriginal name for both boys and girls that means “barrel” or “round.” It’s the most popular K name for boys today so it’s clear that new parents can’t get enough of it.
  • Kai – Kai is another relatively new entry on the top boy names charts. Kai is of Hawaiian origin and means “sea.” It’s a great unisex option that’s been trending for boys today.
  • Kingston – Yet another trendy name that’s beaten out more established options, Kingston has been on the rise in a big way since 2008. The name is of English origin and it means “king’s town.”
  • Kevin – Kevin is the most popular name for boys of Irish origin. Kevin comes from the name Caoimhín, which originated from the Irish elements coém, meaning “handsome,” and gein, “birth.” It’s been a popular choice in the US since the 1940s!

Popular K Boy Names Continued

K Boy Names
  • King – King has been more popular over the last decade than ever before. It peaked in popularity around 2017 and has been slipping slightly since then. King is a name of English origin, meaning “monarch.”
  • Karter – There are a number of names that were previously spelled with a C that parents thought sounded and looked better with a K instead. Karter is one such example. The name originated (with a C) in English as an occupational name for a “transporter” or “merchant with a cart.”
  • Knox – Knox was once a mildly popular name in the late 19th century in the US. It fell off the charts in 1888 and did not return until 2009. It’s now more popular than ever before. The name is of Scottish origin and means “round hill.”
  • Kyrie – We have Kyrie Irving to thank for the popularity of this name for boys today. The name is of Greek origin and means “lord.” It’s been on the charts since 2012 and is more popular today than ever before. We love all of these newly popular K boy names!

Nature-Inspired K Boy Names

K Boy Names
  • Kamal – A gorgeous Hindu and Arabic name for boys that means “lotus” or “protection.” It’s yet to be wildly popular in the US but most folks can easily recognize it.
  • Kale – Yes, Kale names a leafy green but it’s also an alternative form of Cale, a shortened form of Charlamagne, meaning “free man.”
  • Keanu – We owe Keanu Reeves credit for making this name mildly popular in the US ever since the 1990s. The name is of Hawaiian origin and means “cool breeze over the mountains.”
  • Kestrel – An English bird name, Kestrel names a bird of prey. If you’re looking for an alternative to the likes of Falcon, Lark, or Wren, this would be a great option!

More Nature K Boy Names to Consider

K Boy Names
  • Kodiak – A unisex name of Alutiiq origin, Kodiak is just beginning to be discovered by new parents today. This adventurous name means “island.”
  • Kyle – Kyle saw its most popular years in the 1990s, but it’s still a mildly popular choice today. The name is of Scottish origin and means “narrow spit of land.”
  • Kaj – A Danish name used for both boys and girls, Kaj is pronounced kye and it means “earth.” If you don’t mind correcting pronunciation, it could be a very fresh choice for an American boy.
  • Knoll – A name most commonly found as an English and German surname, Knoll is a habitational name that means “dweller near the hill” or “lump of earth.”

Animal K Boy Names

K Boy Names
  • Kaplan – A name of Turkish origin that would be a great fit for a boy today. The name means “tiger.”
  • Kobe – Kobe is a Swahili name that means “tortoise.” Kobe Bryant brought this name to fame. It’s been a popular choice since the 1990s and following the basketball legend’s tragic death, parents have been using the name to commemorate him.
  • Kanuna – A very rhymic name, Kanuna is of Cherokee origin and means “bullfrog.”
  • Kennelly – If you’re looking for an update for Kenneth, take a look at the Gaelic name, Kennelly. It has a great meaning “descendant of a wolf.”

Vintage K Boy Names

K Boy Names
  • Karl – This German and Scandinavian name is a form of Charles, meaning “free man.” It was popular in the late 19th century up until the 1990s. It fell off the popularity charts completely by 2009.
  • Keir – Keir is a very old Irish name that new parents today have begun to discover. The name first hopped on the radar thanks to Keir Dullea, an American actor who starred in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The name means “dark” and “black.”
  • Kelvin – In the US, Kelvin caught on as a first name in the 1950s, influenced by Kevin, which was really taking off in popularity around the same time, as well as Calvin and Melvin, which were falling out of use. It peaked in the early 1960s and has been dropping steadily since. The Scottish name means “narrow” or “wooded river.”
  • Ken – Ken is one of the K boy names that was popularized in the middle of the last century. It’s considered a diminutive form of Kenneth, a Scottish name that means “born of fire” or “handsome.”

K Boy Names from Greek

K Boy Names
  • Kostas – This name is a short form of Konstantinos, the Greek form of Constantine. Thus, the name means “steadfast.”
  • Kristopher – The Greek form of Christopher, meaning “bearer of Christ.”
  • Kuzma – An alternative Greek form of the name Cosmo, meaning “the universe.”
  • Karanos – A stately Greek name that means “ruler.”

German K Boy Names

K Boy Names
  • Karsten – Karsten is a form of Carsten, both are from German, and mean “follower of Christ.”
  • Kasimir – A name found in Polish, Slavic, and German traditions, meaning “destroyer of peace.”
  • Keil – The name Keil comes from German but it is used almost exclusively in the US. The name is the German word for “wedge.”
  • Kellan – A name found in both Irish and German traditions, Kellan can mean “slender” or “swamp.” The name has been a popular choice in the US since 2007.

More K Boy Names of German Origin

K Boy Names
  • Keller – Keller is a German surname that originated as an occupational name for a “cellar or store master.” It is on the rise in the US and that could be as an honorific to the incredible Helen Keller.
  • Kalman – A name found in a number of naming traditions, Kalman for its German origin, comes from Kalonymous (a name belonging to a 14th-century Jewish scholar). The name means “gracious” and “good reputation.”
  • Kiefer – We have actor Kiefer Sutherland to thank for the flash-in-the-pan popularity of this name in the US in the early 1990s. The German origin of this name is an occupational appellation for a “barrel maker.” It can also be translated as “pine.”
  • Klaus – Not just for Santa! This German name is a shortened form of Nicolas, meaning “people of victory.”

More K Boy Names of German Origin

K Boy Names
  • Klemens – Klemens is the German and Swedish form of the name Clement, meaning “mild” and “merciful.” It’s not seen much favor outside of Europe, but it could be a distinct possibility.
  • Krischan – A German name of Greek origin, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  • Kurt – A short yet bold name that means “courteous” and “polite.” The name was once a very popular name in the US, especially through the 1960s.
  • Kurtis – The more formal spelling of the name, Kurt, with the exact same meaning. Kurtis has always played second fiddle to the shortened form, Kurt, in the US.

Irish K Boy Names

K Boy Names
  • Keegan – A popular name since the late 1970s in the US, Keegan means “son of Egan.”
  • Keenan – Keenan fell off the popularity charts last year after ranking mildly well since the late 1950s. This exceptional name means “ancient.”
  • Kelly – A predominantly male name in the US until the late 1950s, the name continued to rise for both sexes for another decade, before starting to decline for boys. Despite dropping out of the boys’ top 1000 in 2002, Kelly still has a rugged, Irish charm. The name means “war.”
  • Kennedy – One of the most popular unisex names in the US today, Kennedy has trended for girls in recent years. We still love it for boys, even though it means “misshapen head.”

More Irish K Boy Names

K Boy Names
  • Kermit – Kermit was a top 500 name until the 1960s in the US, not coincidentally the decade in which Kermit the Frog became well known. The muppet dashed this name’s chances of staying popular for baby boys. We still love it and it means “free man.”
  • Kerry – Once a popular choice in the US from the 1940s through the 1980s, this unisex name has fallen from fashion for boys. The name means “dark” or “dark hair.”
  • Kieran – The name achieved mainstream appeal in the early 1990s in the US and continues to grow in popularity, although at a slow pace. This appellation means “little dark one.”
  • Killian – A mildly popular choice since the 1990s, Killian was seen more as a surname than a first name for many years in the US. The name means “church.”

K Boy Names of Scottish Origin

K Boy Names
  • Kelso – Both a Scottish place name and a surname, Kelso also works well as a given name. It means “chalk ridge.”
  • Kenzie – Overwhelmingly seen as a feminine appellation in the US, where the full name, Mackenzie, is wildly popular. In the UK it’s a masculine name, where Kenzie ranks among the top 1000 names for baby boys. Kenzie gets its meaning from Mackenzie: “son of Kenneth.”
  • Kerr – A unisex name, Kerr is a habitational appellation for someone “living near wet ground.”
  • Kester – An Old Scottish form of Christopher, Kester means “bearer of Christ.”

Welsh and Breton K Boy Names

K Boy Names
  • Kane – A rather butch name of Celtic/Welsh origin, meaning “warrior.”
  • Kenn – A Welsh name that will likely be confused with Ken, Kenn means “bright water.”
  • Kavan – Not to be confused with Kevin, Kavan is a Breton name that means “battle.”
  • Kerouac – An ancient name from Brittany, that names a place, Kervoac in Finistère. The name roughly translates to “village of the soft soil.”

English K Boy Names Part I

K Boy Names
  • Kamden – A spelling variation of the English name Camden, meaning “winding river.” It’s one of the K boy names that feels posh and stylish in the US today.
  • Keaton – An English surname that’s found new life as a given name in the US today. In fact, it’s been popular for boys here since the 1980s. The name means “shed town.”
  • Keats – Another English surname-turned-given, Keats is a poetic choice that has the lovely meaning of “kites.”
  • Kelby – An English habitational name that was once popular in the US in the 1980s and 1990s, Kelby could be the perfect alternative to the unisex name, Shelby. Kelby means “dweller near a farm’s stream.”

English K Boy Names Part II

K Boy Names
  • Kelsey – Kelsey was a somewhat popular name for baby boys born in the 1970s and 1980s in the US before it totally shifted to be associated with baby girls. The English name means “Cenel’s island.”
  • Kelton – Kelton barely made the top 1000 for boys from the 1990s to the mid-2000s. However, we find a remarkable choice with a strong sound. The name means “town of the keels.”
  • Kendal – A unisex name that was popular-ish for boys in the late 1980s and mid-1990s, Kendal is a habitational name that means “valley of the Kent river.”
  • Kendrick – A strong appellation that’s been hovering around the US top-500 for boys since the 1960s, is English and Scottish and means “royal ruler” and “champion.”

English K Boy Names Part III

K Boy Names
  • Kenelm – Virtually unheard in the US, Kenelm holds such potential. This rare name means “brave helmet” and “protection.”
  • Kent – A popular mid-century name that fell completely out of fashion by the early 2000s, we feel Kent deserves a revisit. It’s blunt and bold and serves as a habitational name and is commonly seen as a surname. It means “edge.”
  • Kenton – While we prefer Kent, Kenton is another option and it was also popular in the US in the 1950s. This English name means “royal settlement.”
  • Kenyon – A name of ancient origin, Kenyon means “blond” or “white hair.”

English K Boy Names Part IV

K Boy Names
  • Keyon – A name that’s related to the Irish appellation, Kian, Keyon is the English form and means “guide.”
  • Kipp – Kipp barely made the US top 1000 boy names for a few years in the 1960s. It’s so adorable and we want it back. The name means “pointed hill” and the English also spell it Kip.
  • Kit – Another one-syllable wonder, Kit is an English nickname-turned-given that is just so perfectly to the point. The name is a short form of Christopher, meaning “bearer of Christ.”
  • Kyson – Kyson is a very old English name that somehow sounds current and contemporary. Don’t take our word for it. It emerged as a favorite in the US in 2008 and has only climbed since then. The name means “son of Kyle.”

K Boy Names of Hebrew Origin

K Boy Names
  • Kaleb – Kaleb is an alternative spelling of the Hebrew name Caleb. The spelling has been popular in the US since the 1970s. It’s not just a popularized spelling here, you’ll find the spelling wildly popular in England today as well.
  • Kaniel – Although it might look like Daniel with K, Kaniel is a standalone Hebrew appellation that means “the Lord supports me.” It has yet to find popularity in the US but you could change that!
  • Kiah – Hezekiah is a bit much for a modern baby boy to shoulder. The shortened form, Kiah, could be a great alternative. The Hebrew roots of this name mean “God gives strength.”
  • Koren – A unisex Hebrew name, Koren, is gentle and elegant and has been largely overlooked in the US. The name means “gleaming.” Not bad at all!

Arabic K Boy Names

K Boy Names
  • Kadeem – Kadeem had small success in the US during the late 1980s and early 1990s. But, it’s been largely absent ever since. The name’s Arabic roots mean “servant.”
  • Kadir – For many English spellings of Arabic names Q and K are rather interchangeable. Kadir is also seen as Qadir, but both mean “capable.”
  • Khalil – A beautiful name for boys, Khalil saw brief popularity in the mid-1990s but it’s not resonated with many new parents in the US since then. The appellation means “friend.”
  • Kamil – Although popular in the Muslim community as it represents one of the 99 qualities of God listed in the Quran, this could be confused with the female name, Camille. We’re not too worried about that, however! The name means “perfect” and we could not agree more.

More K Boy Names of Arabic Origin

K Boy Names
  • Kanan – Although popular in the Middle East and easily translatable for English speakers, Kanan has never been a popular choice in the US and that’s a mystery to us. The appellation means “merchant.”
  • Kareem – We have Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to thank for helping parents in the US to see this gorgeous name in a positive light. It’s been one of the most popular Muslim names for boys in the US since the 1970s and through today. It means “noble” and “generous.”
  • Khalid – Khalid has bounced on and off the US top 1000 names for boys since the 1970s. This excellent-sounding name means “immortal” and “everlasting.”
  • Kabir – One of the newest Muslim names for boys to enter the US top 1000, Kabir has been on the upward climb since 2018 and it’s red-hot. This fabulous appellation means “the great.”

Indian K Boy Names

K Boy Names
  • Kiran – One of our very favorite K boy names, Kiran is of Sanskrit origin and means “ray of light.” It’s never been popular here in the US but we’d love for that to change.”
  • Krishna – A unisex name, Krishna is the name of the supreme Hindu god that is still considered secular enough for mortal children and is often found used by Hindu families. The name is of Sanskrit origin and means “dark” and “black.”
  • Krish – Krish is a short form of Krishna and the more popular of the two here in the US. Krish is given to mostly boys here. And, it had a great run on the US top 1000 from 2006 to 2016.
  • Kumar – Kumar is a name of Sanskrit origin that means “a son” or “a boy.” Despite it being well-known in the US, it has never been wildly popular here.

Japanese K Boy Names

K Boy Names
  • Kenji – Kenji is an excellent Japanese name for boys that has been on the rise in the US since 2020 when it reentered the US top 1000 names for boys. It’s a birth order name, meaning “second son.” It’s one of the K boy names we expect to see jump even higher up the list in coming years.
  • Kazuki – A name with a great sound that’s never landed in the top names for boys in the US, Kazuki has an excellent meaning in “hope of peace.”
  • Kane – You have seen this name before on the list but not in its Japanese context. The name has a completely different meaning in “golden.”
  • Kazuo – Once popular in the US for three years, 1919-1922, Kazuo has yet to return to favor in the US. It has two possible meanings, “first son” or “harmonious man.”

More Japanese K Boy Names

K Boy Names
  • Kenzo – Similar to Kenji, Kenzo has seen a lift in the US in recent years. Kenzo entered the top 1000 in 2018 and has only risen since then. Perhaps the concrete meaning of “strong and healthy” is drawing parents to this amazing appellation.
  • Koda – Koda is a unisex Japanese name that’s tracking to be a top-500 name for boys in the US by 2023. It has been quickly climbing the charts since 2016. It has the best meaning in “friend.” Coincidentally, it’s a word in the Yankton-Yanktonai and Santee dialects of the Lakota Sioux language, also meaning “friend.”
  • Kaito – A name that many Americans are unfamiliar with, Kaito is a distinct possibility, meaning “ocean” or “soar” or “fly.”
  • Kuro – A traditional Japanese name given to the “ninth son.” This appellation can also be translated as “black.”

Other Great K Boy Names

K Boy Names
  • Kanoa – A gorgeous Hawaiian name that has remained undiscovered by most parents, Kanoa is a name that’s mostly given to baby boys. It means “the free one.”
  • Kirby – A unisex name of Norse origin, Kirby was a popular name for boys up until the 1990s. It peaked in 1964 but we still are fond of it. It means “church settlement.”
  • Kwasi – The Akan people of Ghana and the Ivory Coast often name their children after the day of the week they were born and the order in which they were born. Kwasi is a name for boys born on Sunday. It literally means “born on Sunday.”
  • Kymani – One of the most popular African names for boys, Kymani has been on the US top 1000 list since 2008. This handsome appellation is of Eastern African origin and means “adventurous traveler.”

There you go! We hope you found some worthy K boy names to consider for your son. Choosing a name can be tricky but knowing what letter you want the name to start with is an excellent step in the right direction! If you liked these K boy names, also consider C boy names that also offer that hard K sound at the beginning. Further, many of these names can be spelled with a K instead of a C!

Discover the Best C Names for Boys Below!

Nature-Inspired C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Callum – A Scottish name from Latin, meaning “dove”
  • Cedar – An English and French name from Latin, that refers to the great tree
  • Chaney – A name of French origin, meaning “oak tree”
  • Cypress – A wonderful botanical name
  • Cliff – An English topographical name, meaning “one who dwells by the cliffs”

Vintage C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Caius – A name of Latin origin, meaning “rejoice”
  • Calvin – A name of Latin origin, meaning “bald”
  • Casper – A name of Persian origin, meaning “bringer of treasure”
  • Clement– A name of Latin origin, meaning “merciful”
  • Clyde – A Scottish name, belonging to a river that runs through Glasgow

More Retro C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Conrad – A name of German origin, meaning “brave counsel”
  • Cassius – A name of Latin origin, meaning “hollow”
  • Cyrus – A name of Persian origin, meaning “sun”
  • Cato – A name of Latin origin, meaning “all-knowing”
  • Carlton – A name of English origin, meaning “town of free men”

C Names for Boys from Greek

C Names for Boys
  • Cleon – A name meaning “glorious” and “renowned”
  • Calix – A Latin name from Greek, meaning “husk” or “chalice”
  • Cosmo – A name of Greek origin, meaning “order” and “beauty”
  • Cyprian – A name meaning “man from Cyprus”
  • Cyril – A name meaning “lordly”

C Names for Boys from Spanish

C Names for Boys
  • Carlos – A Spanish form of Charles, meaning “free man”
  • Carmen – A Spanish form of Carmel, a unisex name, meaning “deep red”
  • Cristóbal – A Spanish form of Christopher, meaning “bearer of Christ”
  • Cruz – A Spanish word name, meaning “cross”
  • Cisco – A diminutive form of Francisco, meaning “French man” or “free man”

French C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Campion – A name with an Old French root, meaning “champion”
  • Chance – A French variation of Chauncey, meaning “chief secretary”
  • Claude – A French name from Latin, Cladius, meaning “lame”
  • Courtney – A unisex name, meaning “from the court”
  • Curtis – A name meaning “courteous”

C Names for Boys with Italian Roots

C Names for Boys
  • Caro – A nature-inspired name, meaning “deer”
  • Cassio – An Italian form of Cassius, meaning “hollow”
  • Ciro – An Italian form of Cyrus, meaning “sun”
  • Constanzo – An Italian name from Latin, meaning “steadfast”
  • Cosimo – An Italian form of Cosmo, meaning “universe”

Portuguese C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Camilo – A Spanish and Portuguese name, meaning “young ceremonial attendant”
  • Calisto – A Portuguese form of Calixto, from Greek, meaning “beautiful”
  • Cecilio – A Latinate name, meaning “blind”
  • Casimiro – A form of Casimir, meaning “destroyer”
  • Caetano – A Portuguese name, meaning  “from Gaeta”

German C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Carsten – A name of Low German origin, meaning “Christian”
  • Claus – A German form of Nicholas, meaning “people of victory”
  • Curt – A German diminutive form of Curtius, meaning “courteous” and “polite”
  • Christof – A form of Christopher, meaning “bearer of Christ”
  • Clemens – A German name from Latin, meaning “merciful”

Irish C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Cael – A name from Irish Gaelic, meaning “slender”
  • Cagney – A name meaning “tribute”
  • Calhoun – An Irish habitational name, meaning “from the narrow forest”
  • Callahan – A name meaning “bright-headed”
  • Carey – A unisex Irish name meaning “dark”

More Irish C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Casey – A unisex name, meaning “brave in battle”
  • Cian – An Irish name meaning “ancient”
  • Cillian – A name meaning “war strife” or “church”
  • Conor – A name also spelled Connor, meaning “lover of hounds”
  • Cormac – A storied name, meaning “charioteer”

Scottish C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Callen – A Gaelic name, meaning “rock”
  • Campbell – A name meaning “crooked mouth”
  • Christie – A Scottish and Irish diminutive form of Christopher, meaning “bearer of Christ”
  • Colin – A name meaning “pup”
  • Cameron – A Scottish name, meaning “crooked nose”

Welsh C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Cadell – An appellation meaning “battle”
  • Cadoc– A cousin-name to Cadell, also meaning “battle”
  • Celyn – Pronounced KELL-in, meaning “holly”
  • Ceri – Pronounced exactly the same as Kerry, meaning “to love”
  • Crichton – A name meaning “from the hilltop town”

C Names for Boys of Cornish Origin

C Names for Boys
  • Cadan – A name meaning “battle”
  • Casek – A cousin-name to Cadan, also meaning “battle”
  • Cador – A name from Cornish mythology, an ancient ruler of Cornwall
  • Casworon – A name containing Celtic elements that mean “battle hero”
  • Corentyn – A name meaning “tempest”

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Hebrew C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Caleb – An appellation meaning “devotion to God”
  • Chaim – A name meaning “life”
  • Chasin – A name meaning “strong” and “mighty”
  • Chaviv – A name meaning “loved one”
  • Cohen – An appellation meaning “priest”

Chinese C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Chang – A name that can mean “unhindered”
  • Chen – A name that can mean “tremendous”
  • Cheung – A name that can mean “fortunate man”
  • Chin – A name that can mean “to describe; ancient; gold; money; to pound grain”
  • Chun – A name meaning “spring season”

C Names for Boys That Happen to Be Unisex

C Names for Boys
  • Camden – A Scottish name, meaning “winding valley”
  • Canyon – A Spanish word name
  • Carlisle – A name of English origin, meaning “from the walled city”
  • Charon – A name from Greek mythology, meaning “of keen gaze”
  • Colby – A name of English origin, meaning “from the coal town”

God C Names for Boys from Mythology

C Names for Boys
  • Cadmus – A name from Greek mythology belonging to a serpent-slaying hero, meaning “one who excels”
  • Castor – A name belonging to one of the twins in the Gemini constellation, meaning “pious one”
  • Conall – A legendary Irish name that means “strong as a wolf”
  • Cronus – A name belonging to a Greek Titan, meaning “personification of time”
  • Cernunnos – A Celtic deity worshipped as the lord of all wild things, meaning “horned one”

Literary C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Caliban – From Shakespeare’s The Tempest, a name of Romanian origin, meaning “black”
  • Clay – From The Dubliners by James Joyce, a name of English origin, meaning “boundary with clover”
  • Caspian – From C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia series, a place name, meaning “white”
  • Corin – From Shakespeare’s As You Like It, a Latin name, meaning “spear”
  • Crow – From Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore, Kafka is a Czech name meaning “crow”

Place Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Cairo – A name of Egypt’s sprawling capital
  • Charleston – A name of a South Carolina coastal town, meaning “free man’s town”
  • Colorado – A state that gets its name from Spanish, meaning “colored red”
  • Cuba – A place name from the Taíno language, likely meaning “great place”
  • Chandler – A name of a place in Arizona, a name of French origin, meaning “candle maker”

Hopeful C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Cymbeline – A name of Celtic and Greek origin that means “sun lord”
  • Clarence – A name of Latin origin, meaning “bright”
  • Constantine – A name of Latin origin, meaning “steadfast”
  • Cornelius – A storied Latin appellation, meaning “horn”
  • Caesar – A name of Latin origin meaning “long-haired” or “youthful”

Biblical C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Cain – A name of Hebrew origin, meaning “spear” and “possessed”
  • Cephas – A name of Aramaic origin, meaning “rock”
  • Cleopas – A name of Greek origin, meaning “glory to the father”
  • Crispus – A name of Latin origin, meaning “curly hair”
  • Christos – A Greek diminutive form of Christopher, meaning “follower of Christ”

Colorful C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Cerulean – A name that describes a light blue color
  • Cobalt – A masculine name that describes an intensely blue color
  • Copper – A chemical element with a reddish-brown color
  • Crimson – An English name that describes a deep red
  • Cyan – A name from English that describes a greenish-blue color

Animal C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Calbert – An English occupational name for a “calf-herder”
  • Calton – A name of Latin origin, meaning “calf farm”
  • Channing – A name of English or Irish origin meaning “wolf cub” or “people of Cana”
  • Colt – An English word name that means “young horse”
  • Corbin – A name from Latin, meaning “crow”

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More Animal C Names for Boys

C Names for Boys
  • Cordero – An appellation of Spanish origin, meaning “lamb”
  • Cornell – A British name from Latin, meaning “crow”
  • Crane – An English surname-name, meaning… “crane”
  • Csongor – A Hungarian name from Turkish, meaning “falcon”
  • Culver – A name of English origin, meaning “dove”

Now, you know all the great C names for boys. From casual and cool to timeless and established, there is no shortage of wonderful boy names that start with C. There are a variety of reasons for wanting this initial for your son and we hope you found some options that fit your family’s needs. Happy baby name hunting!


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