Kanye West Shares Music Video Showing Pete Davidson Being Kidnapped and Decapitated Hours After Kim Kardashian Is Legally Declared Single

Kanye West AKA Ye faces backlash after a music video he released for the track “Eazy” featuring The Game went live.

In the video, which mixes real with stop-motion, claymation footage, West harms a clay figure that looks hauntingly similar to Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson, who is currently dating his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West’s Disturbing Music Video Follows Many Insulting Instagram Posts from the Artist Who Has Referred to Pete Davidson as “trash,” “garbage,” and a “d***head.”

Kanye West Shares Music Video
Pete Davidson / Shutterstock

Around the time when Kardashian and Davidson began dating in October, West began hurling insults at the comedian, even coining a nickname for him: “Skete.”

As Mamas Uncut reported, West was called out by Kardashian after he encouraged his fans to scream “Kimye forever” into Pete’s face if they saw him in public. It’s been clear for months that West is not handling the situation well.

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Kanye West Shares Music Video
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Things appeared to take an even darker turn on Wednesday after the release of West’s latest music video. In the creepy video, a character in the likeness of West is shown throwing a bag over the head of a character in the likeness of Davidson. Then, viewers see a tied-up body in an act of apparent kidnapping.

West’s character then buries the body that’s been dragged across the ground so that the head remains above the soil. Then, the bag that was placed over Davidson’s head is removed, revealing a figure that looks too close to Davidson for comfort.

Kanye West Shares Music Video
A Still from Kanye West’s “Eazy” Video / Instagram

Then, inexplicably, the West figure pours seeds on Davidson’s head, and then roses sprout from it. It was already a lot to stomach but then, West is pictured holding a decapitated head in his arm as he raps about beating “Pete Davidson’s a**.”

As the video comes to a close, we see a title card that reads “Everyone lived happily ever after except Skete.” The name Skete is crossed out and replaced with “You know who,” which Buzzfeed News claims is likely a jab at Billie Eilish following West’s public spat with her.

Kanye West Shares Music Video
A Still from Kanye West’s “Eazy” Video / Instagram

“JK he’s fine,” the final frame says. Then, the video ends.

Coincidentally or not, the video’s release comes just hours after a court declared Kardashian legally single. The ruling follows an intense divorce battle between Kardashian and West. As Mamas Uncut reported, Kardashian had spent months working toward getting the legal status changed with West making it difficult by not responding to requests from Kardashian and the court.

The timing of the music video and its unsettling subject matter have made fans of Kardashian all the more upset.

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“Kanye West decapitating Pete Davidson in his new music video is absolutely disgusting and pathetic,” an entertainment reporter for BuzzFeed tweeted. “The man’s 44 and having a completely one-sided feud with this guy to this extreme, it’s vile and so uncomfortable to witness unfold. He needs to be de-platformed like Trump.”

“Pete Davidson needs to get a restraining order against Kanye West,” another critic of the video tweeted. “Kanye is stalking, harassing, abusing & now sending death threats. This is another level. You can’t blame this on mental illness anymore. Most of us suffering from debilitating mental illnesses. We [aren’t] like this.”

Watch Kanye West’s “Eazy” Video Below:

The Music Video for “Eazy” Shared by Kanye West / Instagram

We hope that action is taken to ensure that no harm comes to any of those involved in this ongoing drama. There is a conversation to be had about art and free speech but it’s clear that West may have crossed a line following his months of attacks online of Davidson.

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