25 Cute & Creative Kewpie Doll Tattoos That Will Make You Smile

The first kewpie character was published in 1909 and the adorable creation has lived on in pop culture for over a century. The character was conceived by Rose O’Neill as part of a comic strip. The little cherub-like characters were so popular a doll manufacturer in Germany approached the artist and sealed a deal to make bisque kewpie dolls in 1912. They were and still are a popular collectors’ item beloved by just about everyone.

Due to their bizarre brand of cuteness, these dolls became an exceedingly popular subject matter for tattoos. Kewpie tattoos now represent an opportunity for artists and creatives to come up with new iterations of the time-tested design and to show off their imagination. These tattoos range from odd to downright adorable and they never fail to make us smile. We decided to take a dive into the world of kewpie doll tattoos to bring you the top 25 most creative designs. Here are 25 amazing kewpie tattoos that we hope bring a smile to your face.


Here, we find a doll with a parachute and a frog helmet. We love his cute little overalls and rosy complexion.


Here, we find a creepy clown kewpie because clowns are always creepy. This strikes a balance between cute and freaky and we’re here for it.

Little Devil

Here’s a classic design of a kewpie devil. It’s so innocent looking but still has a flash of mischief.

Trick or Treat

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„Wie sehr liebst du Herbst?“ Ja

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Never let anyone tell you a Halloween tattoo is a bad idea. This jack o’ lantern doll is about the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen.


Yes, we all need more cinnamon rolls and a reminder to “stay sweet.” We love that dollop of icing on this doll’s head.


Kewpie tattoo designs can be completely personalized. So, if you are a musician or artist, you can incorporate your preferred medium into these motifs.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter

Late-night, double-feature, picture show! The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a true classic and this tattoo of your favorite doctor is a winner!

Ketchup Kewpie

So, we can’t decide if this doll is inside a tomato or a gooseberry. We think it’s a tomato… At any rate, this is precious.


This Godzilla-inspired kewpie is also giving us Where the Wild Things Are vibes. This is such a joyful, cheery design!

A Star

How adorable is this little astronaut? This is such a blast.


Thankfully, we’re nearing Halloween and we found a number of horror-themed designs. This mutant kewpie is a creative delight with fright.


As you can see, kewpie designs are completely customizable and versatile. This person has chosen Frida Kahlo has their inspiration and we think it really turned out!


If you want your tattoos to have tattoos, go for it! We love this rock’n’roll baby doll with angels.


Feel free to get weird with it! We find a spider-baby here that would give any Spiderman a run for their money.


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Baby centipede I

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Like, get really weird with it! How is this tattoo equally precious as it is frightening?


Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a giant who inspired so many of us. This tribute tattoo of the Supreme Court Justice is iconic!

Little Mermaid

A thousand times yes to this fishy mermaid doll. We love the classic expression with the finger at the mouth. It’s so pure!

A Hero

We have always owed a lot to nurses, but this pandemic has truly shown how invaluable they are. This awesome nurse tattoo is a stunning tribute to the people who keep the people healthy!

Tooth Fairy

Wow! Yes, we did need to see this bucktoothed kewpie today. Any opportunity to see a design in fairy-form is a gift.


Someone had a bright idea! We love this doll lamp. We don’t know why and we don’t care.


This person said, “I’d like a kewpie Pebbles from The Flinstones riding a flamingo at sunset.” The artist replied, “Done!”


We love a good David Bowie tattoo and this one has to be one of our favorites. If you want to add a little Ziggy Stardust to your life, this would be a great way to do it.


Elvira Mistress of the Dark makes for an amazing kewpie tattoo. We love the big hair and the addition of hearts to this design.

May Queen

Midsommar definitely made an impression on the person with this tattoo. We’re pretty sure Ari Aster would be proud.

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This doll is ready to party! We love the cat costume and party hat. The very fine lines used for the whiskers and other accents are also a very nice touch.

There you go! 25 kewpie doll tattoos that bring the sweetness. We hope you enjoyed these designs and are inspired to come up with your own creative interpretation.

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