Fans Cast Their Theories on Why Khloé Kardashian Won’t Let Her Daughter Have a Sleepover With Kourtney’s Children

Last week, Khloé Kardashian sat down with her sis, Kourtney Kardashian, for an interview with Vanity Fair – the only catch was the lie detector device involved. It’s part of their popular ongoing series where celebs sit down with the publication while strapped to a lie detector in hopes of increasing the intensity.

The sisters were asked a variety of questions – including whether or not Khloé judges her sister for what she posts on social media, whether Kourtney would accept business advice from Jeff Bezos, and whether Kourtney regrets not inviting her family to her elopement with Travis Barker in Las Vegas in early April. 

fans cast their theories on why khloé kardashian won’t let her daughter have a sleepover with kourtney’s children | last week, khloé kardashian sat down with her sis, kourtney kardashian, for an interview with vanity fair – the only catch was the lie detector device involved.

Of all the questions, one of the ones that caught the most traction with viewers was when Kourtney asked Khloé if she would ever let her daughter – True Thompson – sleepover at her house. “Probably not,” said Khloé with a grin on her face. Kourtney responded by asking if it was because they have ‘too much fun.’ 

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“No,” she reiterated – to which Kourtney asked for a reason. “I don’t think we have enough time on this show for what the reason is,” Khloé said as her grin grew larger. While that was the end of that topic for the two, their fans were quick to continue the conversation for them in the comments and on social media.

One fan theorized the reason was due to a lack of ‘yummy snacks’ and unwanted amounts of ‘sugar-free, gluten-free’ munchies. Another fan alluded to the lack of respect Kourtney’s kids show their parents and nannies – the fan added that they certainly wouldn’t let their kids spend the night over at Kourtney’s. 

Of course, a lot of the comments targeted the excessive amounts of PDA (public display of attention) Kourtney engages in with her new husband, Travis Barker. The two are not shy about their love for one another on social media and certainly don’t hide it from Kourtney’s kids – there’s plenty of evidence. 

For example, an episode of The Kardashians showed her youngest child – 8-year-old Reign – asking them to not french kiss while at the dinner table as he moaned in disgust. In that same episode, Kourtney’s only daughter – 10-year-old Penelope – asked the couple to take it easy with excessive PDA. 

Khloé Kardashian Debuts New Hairstyle on Instagram

On the same day her lie detector test was released on YouTube, Khloé Kardashian shared a photo on Instagram that featured a new haircut – well, it’s an old style that she’s apparently trying to bring back. She was rocking fringe bangs that certainly weren’t a thing during the taping of her recent interview. 

As always, her sisters quickly reacted in the comments section. Kylie Jenner responded with a simple ‘yes’ before adding a heart-eyes emoji, while Kim Kardashian said, ‘I love this so much.’ Kris Jenner got in on the action as well, commenting ‘So GORGEOUS!!’ followed by a flurry of big red hearts. 

Others to comment on the picture with their admiration for the bold look include Vanessa Bryant, Kelly Rowland, and Paris Hilton – just to name a few. The post has garnered a lot of attention as she captioned it ‘Bang Bang.’ The bangs weren’t present in an Instagram photo several days later. 

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While she changes her hairstyle often, it’s evident she won’t be changing her mind about letting her daughter, True, spend the night at Kourtney’s house. She made that very clear during her interview with Vanity Fair and while she didn’t give us an exact reason, you’re allowed to let your imagination run wild.

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