Kim Kardashian Is Being Celebrated For Denouncing Kendall Jenner’s Reaction To Kourtney Kardashian’s Engagement

This past week’s episode of The Kardashians focused on Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement as well as her family’s reaction and commentary to the big life step. During Thursday’s episode, fans watched the heartbreaking reaction of Kourtney’s 9-year-old daughter, Penelope, who had just learned Travis Barker asked for her mother’s hand.

Kim Kardashian Is Being Celebrated For Denouncing Kendall Jenner’s Reaction To Kourtney Kardashian’s Engagement

After Kourtney said yes and celebrated the engagement, she decided to call her children — Mason, 12, Penelope, 9, and Reign, 7,  whom she shares with ex Scott Disick — and tell them the good news.

Kourtney FaceTimed Penelope and told her about the proposal, with sister Kim Kardashian close by. “Do you want to know what my surprise was?” she asked Penelope, before revealing: “We got engaged!”

And while viewers were unable to see Kourtney’s phone screen, Penelope could be heard crying on the phone. “Is that upsetting?” Kourtney asked while Kim said, “Penelope! Why are you crying, baby?”

Penelope then hung up the phone, as the cameras panned to Kourtney looking upset over her daughter’s reaction.

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Kourtney then began fighting back tears before she went on to criticize her mom Kris Jenner’s decision to not include her children at the surprise celebration party. She then excused herself from the room.

Kris informed Kim and Khloé that she thought Kourtney’s children were too young to attend as it was on a Sunday evening. In addition, Penelope had also been unwell and furthermore, Kris believed it would have been hard to explain to Scott why he couldn’t have the kids that day.

Kim followed Kourtney and was trying to comfort her when the rest of their sisters joined them but Kendall Jenner’s actions during the highly emotional moment were met with backlash from viewers.

While Kourtney attempted to get ahold of her oldest child, Mason, Kendall asked Khloé what Scott had said to her about the engagement after she revealed that he’d already heard about it.

While sitting inches away from Kourtney, Khloé whispered to Kendall that Scott had said, “You guys are gonna kick me out now. I’m not involved in the family.” Khloé also said that Scott had asked why his kids weren’t there and he was told that it was because “they were too young.”

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Kendall then turned to Kourtney and asked: “I haven’t spoken to you about, like, do you have sympathy for Scott? Do you have sympathy for the position that he’s in at all?”

After Kourtney said that she did, Kendall snapped: “Because it doesn’t feel like you do, just as an outsider.”

Kim then pointed out: “He’s also had five, six years to get over this.” But Kendall argued: “Of course, but it’s always going to sting.”

Kim went on to defend her older sister as she told the rest of the group: “Guys, are we so f****** crazy that we are talking about it [now]? Can we talk about this tomorrow and let them enjoy their night out there?”

Speaking in a confessional, Kourtney said of the situation: “I’m sensitive to [Scott] and his feelings and I communicate with him about the kids and I make sure that he’s good, but beyond that, I just got engaged and I want to be happy and be in the moment, and I just don’t think that this moment is about Scott.”

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