Kristin Davis Admits She Had A Change In Heart When It Comes To Allowing Her Kids To Watch Sex In The City

Kristin Davis may show her kids Sex and the City, but not for a while.

On this past Friday’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, host Kelly Clarkson asked Davis if her kids — son Wilson, 3, and daughter Gemma Rose, 10 — have seen hit show now that folks are tuning in to watch And Just Like That….

Kristin Davis Admits She Had A Change In Heart When It Comes To Allowing Her Kids To Watch Sex In The City
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To which Davis quickly shared a previous moment where Gemma pointed out that a person sitting near them on a plane was watching a scene from SATC with her mom in it. And while she admitted it was “a little scary” to discuss the show at the time, Davis shared how now she is more comfortable with the idea of them watching the show due to their age.

“Now that she’s older and now that she’s getting exposed from her friends to all this stuff, even though I’m very controlling… I’m thinking I’m going to use it as a teaching tool,” Davis said.

“I don’t want her to feel embarrassed. I want her to talk to me. I’m a single mom, it’s super important… gotta keep them talking,” she continued. “You know, Sex and the City is kind of a good educational type thing… for later.”

Kristin Davis Admits She Had A Change In Heart When It Comes To Allowing Her Kids To Watch Sex In The City
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Davis has previously stated how she has had open dialogues with her children regardless of their age.

She recalled how in July 2020, she spoke with her kids about the protests and conversations about race and police brutality following the death of George Floyd.

“I talk to Gemma a lot about what’s happening and she’s fascinated, of course, and sad and upset,” Davis said at the time.

“I just want them to feel empowered, and I want them to know what’s going on because it’s not something that you can not talk about,” she added. “I hope that everyone feels that way because it is something that we’re struggling with as a country, as a society. And hopefully, if we all take part in this struggle, we can actually do something.”

Kristin Davis on Adoption, Raising African-American Children
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Davis also wanted “to be clear” that as a mother to two Black children, her struggles are “with our country’s attitude towards race,” noting that her relationship with her own children is “amazing.”

“It’s a lot of things to think about and it’s a lot of things that we, who are white, have the privilege of not having had to think about when we were young,” the actress admitted. “They don’t have that privilege.”

Davis adopted Gemma in 2011 and Wilson in 2018. Previously, the mom of two shared how adoption was always an option for her, just like her Sex and the City character Charlotte, but it was still a “terrifying” process.

“They tell you that when [your child] first comes, you should think of it as babysitting in case the birth mom changes her mind,” she told Anderson Cooper in 2012. “Every state is different, but in [California] it’s 48 hours. So you’re trying to think that you’re a babysitter but that’s kind of impossible!”

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