Kylie Jenner And Kris Jenner Get Heat For ‘Doing Normal Things’ Like Going To The Grocery Store

On this week’s episode of The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner do “normal things” like, go to the grocery store, and folks were not happy with the result.

A pregnant Kylie asked her mom to take her to IHOP soon, adding: “I just want to do normal things with you.”

“Really? Like, what would you like to do?” Kris asked in response, with Kylie quipping: “I just think when I’m pregnant I just want to feel really normal.”

Kris then suggested they head to a grocery store as she hadn’t been to one in two years. Kylie then became overwhelmed with excitement (like one does when they suggest going to get groceries). She said that she hadn’t been to a store “in forever” and added that she wanted to be able to pick her own food while grocery shopping.

Both Kris and Kylie said the outing would be “good for the soul,” and Kris elsewhere in the episode shared: “Dreams do come true!”

Later in a confessional, Kris admitted that she stopped going to the store herself because she was recognized too often by other customers. “One of the things that gets a little tricky is privacy,” she admitted. “I stopped going to the grocery store because the people that were in the grocery store were sneaking pictures, and suddenly paparazzi would show up. It’s hard.”

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Despite folks sneaking photos of the mother-daughter duo, the two raced around the store with glee. Kylie pushed the cart and checked out a few aisles, as well as stocked up on Kendall’s 818 tequila.

Kris then shared her excitement at paying for the shopping, saying: “I just need the experience of checking out. I’ve waited for this for years.”

Which was followed by Kris struggling to work the card machine and had to be guided on what to do.

As Kylie pushed the cart to return it, Kris shouted: “Go, Kylie, go! Kylie, you’re doing amazing, sweetie — wow, look at her go! Great job!”

And for obvious reasons, many were disgusted with the bit, accusing the reality stars of showcasing their privilege.

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“Kylie and Kris calling going to the grocery store and checking out and filling their cart an experience is the most white rich privileged thing I’ve seen,” one person tweeted.

Followed by: “[I] thought the ‘day of normal errands’ with Kris and Kylie would be cute but it’s SO GROSS. We know they’re out of touch, we don’t need to see just how out of touch. Kris didn’t know how to use her credit card and was so excited to push the cart.”

While another added: “I’m losing it at the scene of Kris and Kylie going to the grocery store. Like this is the most out of touch thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

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