Kylie Jenner Shocks Fans By Sharing Son’s New Name

Just weeks before his first birthday, Kylie Jenner is finally sharing her son with the world. As Mamas Uncut previously reported, when Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott welcomed their first son into the world back in February 2022, they named the child Wolf Webster.

However, just a few weeks later, the couple announced they were changing their son’s name, though they failed to enlighten the world on what his new name would be. Now, nearly a year later, Kylie Jenner is sharing all the details, including what her baby boy looks like.

In an Instagram post no one saw coming, Jenner revealed that her son’s new and official name is Aire Webster.

Kylie Jenner Shocks Fans By Sharing Son's New Name | Kylie Jenner gave birth in February to Wolf Webster, but later said she was changing the name. Now nearly a year later, we finally know it.

On a separate Instagram post speculating how one might pronounce AIRE, some thoughts it was “AIR-Y.” But that’s not correct. In the comments, Jenner revealed that his name is simply pronounced: “AIR.”

While a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden back in October, Kylie explained why it was taking her so long to share her son’s new name.

“We haven’t officially legally changed the name. His name is still Wolf. His passport’s Wolf, but that isn’t gonna be his name. We’re just waiting,” said Jenner in an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. The reality star was accompanied by her mother, Kris Jenner.

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Kylie Jenner Shocks Fans By Sharing Son's New Name | Kylie Jenner gave birth in February to Wolf Webster, but later said she was changing the name. Now nearly a year later, we finally know it.

During the interview, Corden tried to get Jenner to tell us the name – asking, “So how does this work? So you call him Wolf?” After confirming they don’t call him Wolf, he asked again, “So, what do you call him?” Jenner, again, dodged the question. “We’re just not ready to share yet.”

You can see parts of the interview below: 

From what it sounds like, the couple has yet to settle on an official name. She added that Scott is constantly adding names to the list. “Well, you know, Travis does—he likes to sometimes, like one day, he’ll be like, ‘Oooh, this name’s kinda cool,’ and like change it again,” she explained. 

With that said, she did give us one little hint as to what it might be – confirming the name won’t be an animal. Her mother made a joke that the couple wouldn’t be changing the name until their son turns 21 years old. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait that long because we’re dying to know!

Kylie Jenner Shares New Photos of Unnamed Son

The Real Reason Why Kylie Jenner Hasn't Revealed Her Son's Name to the World Yet
Tinseltown / Shutterstock

Fans of Kylie Jenner were surprised with some adorable photos of her son on Thursday after a long and busy Paris Fashion Week. The baby was featured in two posts, both of which only showed the son’s chubby little legs – causing everyone on Instagram to gush in awe. 

Unfortunately, fans have yet to see a picture of the baby’s face and since we don’t have a name either, it’s quite the mystery baby. Of course, fans are going to take what they can get and her latest photo dump has more than we’ve gotten in the past – those legs are cute, aren’t they?!

Some fans on Instagram were wondering why the celebrity couple can’t just release the baby’s face and name. “Just show the baby,” the user said. “It’s not that serious—y’all act like you guys are royal.” I mean, they have a point, but at the same time, it’s not our child – it’s theirs. 

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For now, we’ll have to keep the guessing game going. You have to wonder if someone has already guessed it – after all, the couple likely wouldn’t confirm or deny if someone did. At least we have one hint now, so we can stop with all the animal names. What’s your best guess?

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