Kylie Kelce Responds to Those Criticizing Her Husband, Jason Kelce, for ‘Playing Fetch’ With His Two Daughters

Kylie Kelce is sticking up for her husband, Jason Kelce, and their family after several social media users called the Philadelphia Eagles’ center out for ‘playing fetch’ with his kids. The criticism stems from a video posted by an NFL writer for CBS Sports that showed Kelce spending time with his daughters at practice. 

“Jason Kelce playing football with his daughters. They wait every day after practice to do this with him,” Jeff Kerr of CBS wrote in the caption of the video. For context, Kelce is entering his 13th season with the Eagles and the team is currently in training camp as they prepare for the upcoming 2023 regular season. 

In the video, Jason Kelce is laying on the field with his shirt off as he flings a football into the air. One of his daughters chases after the football and runs it back to her father – who was counting how long it took her to return. When she returned, his other daughter had a go at it in hopes of beating her sister’s time.

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In other words, the video shows a proud and loving father playing around with his two daughters and making sure they get their daily physical activity – while also making it fun as they compete for a better time. It was a harmless video and most social media users saw it that way – emphasis on the ‘most.’

Unfortunately, some social media users used it as an opportunity to attack Jason Kelce and his parenting by criticizing him for ‘playing fetch’ with his kids. “Ahh yes playing fetch with your daughters is definitely fuel to be dad of the year,” said one user – referring to the Eagles’ caption that read ‘Best. Dad. Ever.’ 

“I know he’s a great dad, but let’s not pretend like he’s not playing fetch,” said a second user, while another user wrote, “He’s playing fetch with his daughters … the standard is low for being a best dad.” The comments were definitely out of pocket, but were coupled with an overwhelming amount of support.

In fact, some of the comments were trolling those that were trying to attack the star center. “For those with no toddlers ???? they literally love to play fetch and catch like little puppies, this is normal dad behavior,” one user said in support of Jason Kelce. Of course, the best support came from his wife, Kylie Kelce. 

Kylie Kelce Calls Out Social Media Users for Their Criticism

While social media users went out of their way to criticize Jason Kelce, his wife wasn’t having any of it and did what she does best – stood up for her husband and family. Taking to her Instagram Story, Kylie Kelce shared the video that was posted to the Eagles’ Instagram Story and left a message of her own. 


@Philadelphia Eagles have me reminiscing #girldad

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“People in these comments saying ‘He’s playing fetch with his kids like they are dogs!'” she wrote – also adding that ‘you can hear him counting’ and that ‘technically, they are racing.’ So, there you have it, he wasn’t playing fetch – it was just a friendly race. “Just say you don’t have toddlers,” Kylie continued.


My husband crushes the role of labor support person.

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She continued to share her support for her husband – who is regarded as the ultimate ‘girl dad’ – in a TikTok video that showed Jason playing with his daughters in past practices. In 2022, he and his daughters were playing peek-a-boo with a trash can. In 2021, they were playing hide-and-seed. 

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Just a few months ago, she had to defend herself against online trolls when she posted a sarcastic TikTok about how Jason Kelce was a ‘tremendous support person’ while she was in labor. Commenters acted like she was being unappreciative, but they obviously don’t understand the type of relationship they have.

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