Lance Bass, 42, Opens Up About His Challenging Yet Rewarding Road To Fatherhood

Lance Bass of NSYNC opened up about his complex road to fatherhood after the pressures of NSYNC and leaving the closet. He and his husband Michael Turchin are soon going to be fathers to twins.

Lance Bass has been studying for fatherhood.

Last month, while Lance Bass was co-hosting Bingo Under The Stars In Celebration of Pride, he opened up about how excited he was to be approaching fatherhood, as it was never something he thought would be possible. He explained, “It’s perfect timing. It’s an added bonus to be pregnant right now, because Pride is all about celebrating our freedoms and for so long, our community didn’t feel like we could even have families. We were always told, ‘No.’”

As a gay man who reached superstardom at a point where that could have ended his career, he explains, “I never thought this moment would come. Never. Back in the day, I was so closeted. I look at my interviews from when I was with *NSYNC and I feel like that wasn’t even me. I don’t sound the same, I don’t act the same. I was hiding my true self, but now I get to just be me and it’s the best feeling.”

Lance Bass, 42, Opens Up About His Challenging Yet Rewarding Road To Fatherhood
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He and Turchin are stocking up early, though not of their own actions. Friends have been steadily supplying gifts for babies who aren’t even here yet! He explains, “We’ve been inundated with so much baby stuff already – everyday, 10 boxes show up with strollers, Pampers, you-name-it. It’s insane. They’re not even here yet! It feels like my friends are more excited than we are.”

He emphasized, “I’ve been reading lots of books on how to make sure you can keep babies alive. That’s important!”

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His years with NSYNC have readied Lance Bass for a daughter.

The singer continued, “Being in a group like *NSYNC, I got to know women very well. Our market was 99% women. If my girl turns out to be a really great fan, I would love that because we met some incredible ladies along the way. We have some of the best fans ever.”

The whole night supported The Trevor Project, a charity that works to help queer youth in crisis. Bass explained why it’s such an important cause to support, saying, “It’s such an amazing organization saving so many lives out there. If you need someone to talk to, give them a call – even anonymously. That’s what they’re there for.”

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