Lance Bass and Michael Turchin Celebrate Their Twin’s First Birthday Ahead of Halloween

When Lance Bass and Michael Turchin welcomed their twins in October 2021, they didn’t really know what to expect – something many parents can relate to. Now one year later, the couple seems to be enjoying parenthood and all the special moments their ‘nuggets’ provide. 

Bass celebrated his twins’ birthdays in an Instagram post on October 16th – sharing two adorable photos of the little ones devouring their own personal cakes. They were decked out in sweaters with their names on them and surrounded by Halloween-themed decorations. 

The couple started dating in 2011, became engaged in 2013, and wed in 2014. They were expecting their first child via a surrogate in 2020 but lost the baby to a miscarriage at eight weeks. They eventually tried again and announced in June 2021 that they were expecting twins. 

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In the Instagram post, Bass confirmed what everyone was telling him before the children were born – time goes by fast as you watch your little ones grow up. He added that he ‘really had no idea it would go THAT fast,’ now that he’s celebrating their first birthday – a whole 12 months!

“These nuggets have been the best baby dragons anyone could ever ask for. We are extremely lucky to have been blessed with these beautiful souls. We are so proud to be your dads Violet Betty and Alexander James!! Love you to the moon! Happy birthday my loves,” he added. 

Violet is pictured in a green sweater and gray sweatpants – in front of her is a delicious cake with orange frosting and black lettering of her name. Alexander is pictured in a black sweater with gray sweatpants – in front of him is a delicious cake with green frosting and black lettering.

As you can see, the cake didn’t last very long as they did what any of us would do in that situation – grab a handful and stuff our faces. With Halloween decorations surrounding the adorable brother and sister duo, we can only assume this is a pre-game for the holiday season.

Lance Bass Talks Witnessing a Child’s Milestones as a Parent

Lance Bass and Michael Turchin Celebrate Their Twin’s First Birthday Ahead of Halloween
via Instagram (@lancebass)

Lance Bass, best known for his time with NSYNC, spoke with PEOPLE at the Environmental Media Awards Gala. He reflected on his first year as a parent, noting ‘it does go by way too quickly. I cannot believe it’s been a year. It’s just nuts,’ before giving a brief update on the twins.

“Right now, my daughter finally took her first step, so that’s been something that’s so nice,” he said. “My son said his first word a month ago, but he hasn’t said it again. So all those little milestones are just so precious,” said Bass, adding he appreciates all those little milestones. 

He has already detailed his goal as a parent – to produce some ‘good, responsible, nice kids’ to help combat some of the negativity and ignorance in the world. Bass takes pride in being healthy, green, and environmentally-responsible – traits he expects his children to duplicate.

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Michael Turchin, an established painter, and actor, has already noticed the stark differences in personalities between his son and daughter. He noted that his daughter, Violet, is much more outgoing and active, while his son, Alexander, is much more sweet and docile – quite the duo!

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