Lea Michele Urges That She Will Be The One To Carry Jonathan Groff’s Baby If He Decides To Become A Father

Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff are thicker than thieves.

The former costars recently reunited along with their Spring Awakening cast members in November, well over 15 years after the show debuted in New York.

Michele was just 19 when the show began performances Off-Broadway in 2006 prior to its Broadway transfer that year, and Groff was 21. They have since become best friends and went on to star in numerous film and TV projects together.

Michele went on to marry Zandy Reich and the two welcomed their son, Ever, in August 2020.

“What a blessing,” Michele, now 35, says of reuniting with the Spring Awakening cast — including costars Lauren Pritchard and Lilli Cooper, who also recently became mothers.

“To see our sons playing together!” she adds. “I’m just so grateful, I’ve experienced so many versions of life with these girls.”

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While rehearsing for the one-night-only event — which was filmed for an HBO documentary, airing May 3 — Michele, Cooper, 32, and Pritchard, 34, spent some time with their boys (Michele’s son Ever, 20 months; Cooper’s son Bodie, 7 months; and Pritchard’s son Xander, 20 months), taking walks in New York City during their downtime.

When asked if being around so many kiddos gave Groff baby fever, he responds: “Great question!”

“I’ll carry your baby. I will,” she tells Groff, to which he asks, “You will?”

Michele responds, “H*** yeah! I love being pregnant. It’s so much fun.”

“Good to know,” Groff says.

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However, Jonathan admits there is a slight issue if he does decide to have kids.

“I have this weird quirk where I scare small children because — this was with my two nieces as well, between the ages of 0 and 2 — I come in hot with the enthusiasm, and it freaks them out.”

“This is the case with Ever as well,” says Groff. “So I’m slowly trying to play it cool to gain his love and affection back.”

That being said, Ever does adore Uncle Groff’s work on the Broadway show Hamilton.

“My one in with him is that he likes ‘You’ll Be Back’ from Hamilton,” says Groff, who played King George III in the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical. “Whenever we FaceTime and Ever’s there, I’ll be like, ‘Da, da, da, da, da!’ [I’m] waiting [for] the age when he’s going to be able to watch Frozen, and then maybe I’ll have another in, but I’m working on it.”

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