What’s An Appropriate Age for My Daughter to Start Shaving Her Legs?

A mom writes in asking for advice about what the appropriate age is for girls to start shaving their legs. This mom has a 9-year-old daughter who “is a competitive gymnast” and is also “very hairy.” Her daughter has expressed interest in shaving her legs. This mom can’t remember when her own mother taught her to shave her legs, but she wonders: what is a “normal” age for this milestone?

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A member of the community asks:

“When did you let your daughter shave her legs?”

“What age did you let your daughter shave their legs? My 9-year-old is a competitive gymnast and is very hairy and has asked if she could shave. I can’t remember when my mom let me do it; what is a normal age?”

– Mamas Uncut Community Member

Community Advice for This Mom Who Is Curious What Age It Is Appropriate for Her Daughter to Start Shaving Her Legs

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Fan QuestionWhen did you let your daughter shave her legs?What age did you let your daughter shave their legs? My…

Posted by Mamas Uncut on Monday, September 7, 2020

Advice Summary

What's An Appropriate Age for My Daughter to Start Shaving Her Legs?

The community offered this mom in need a lot of great advice. Read some of their responses below.

“Let her shave. My mom was way too strict and didn’t let me until I was twelve and I was made fun of and felt embarrassed. It’s just hair. People make to big a deal out of things. Let her shave and feel confident.”

“IMO, it shouldn’t be ‘letting’ or ‘allowing’ them to shave. Its the worst feeling when you want to shave, wear deodorant, use tampons, and your own mother won’t allow you control over your own body for whatever reasoning (‘you’re too young to shave’ ‘tampons are only for older women’ ‘you only have buds you don’t need a trainer bra until they’re bigger’ etc.) When they want to is when they should start. If she had BO, but was only 9, would you let her use deodorant or make her just smell bad?”

“I say when the hairs start to bother her she’s ready. Nothing worse than losing confidence at a young age.”

“I think when the girl starts to feel self-conscious and her leg hair begins to affect her confidence, that’s the time. If she’s a competitive gymnast, I’d say earlier (now, if she’s asking). My mom waited wayyy too long to (let) me. And it caused much distress.”

“I let my girl the summer before 6th grade. She’s got dark hair. She kept begging and I kept saying no bc I wasn’t ready. We went swimming and I was embarrassed for her. I immediately to her to the showers where we were camping and showed her how it’s done. Every child is different and there’s never the right age, but the right time.”

“I was about 9-10, it’s different for every girl. Ultimately do what you’re comfortable with but if shaving her legs is also going to be more comfortable for her, I’d teach her. Take her with you to the store, let her pick out whatever scent of shaving cream she likes and a razor. And shave your legs with her as you’re teaching her, it’ll create a bonding experience and make both y’all feel more comfortable with it.”

“When they notice and feel like they are ready to learn.”

“I would let her if she ask, especially if she’s in gymnastics where her legs are seen! Obviously its bothering her or someone had said something to her about it. Just stay with her while shes shaving until she learns how to shave good.”

“So I’m not at this bridge yet but tbh I would let my daughter the second she wanted to. I would show her how to safely do it, but also let her know she doesn’t HAVE to do it at all. My sister and I both ended up with tons of cuts from secretly stealing our mom’s razor and I’d like to bypass that as much as possible.”

“Please, if she’s asking you to shave, teach her how. My mom didn’t “let” me shave my legs until 7th grade. I was made fun of for being hairy, got called names. It ruined PE class for me. Shaving legs should be a choice. Not every girl needs to shave. Hair is fine. But this took a huge toll on me…”

“If she is hairy and wants to I would let her. It’s her body it’s not like she is asking for a tattoo.”

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