Let Jana Duggar Be Her Most Authentic Self

Fans of the reality TV family the Duggars have been mystified by the mysteries of Jana Duggar for years now. Unlike her sisters, the 30-year-old single woman doesn’t have kids and doesn’t seem to be interested in dating. Please excuse us while we clutch our pearls.

in new reporting from an outlet called, The Hollywood Gossip (gossip is in their name), Jana is allegedly not interested in dating because she’s already in love with someone, her best friend, Laura DeMasie.

A source, the outlet describes as a former Duggar employee, tells The Hollywood Gossip that Jana’s father, Jim Bob Duggar is keeping a close eye on his oldest daughter and “is reportedly concerned about the nature of Jana’s close relationship with a longtime friend.”

Jim Bob allegedly monitors Jana’s phone calls and text messages. “He tracks their phones,” the source told THG. “Some of the kids aren’t on Jim Bob’s plan, but he still gets in there.”

“I don’t know how he does it, but he’s got some program that allows him to get into their texts and pictures.”

What a creep.

The insider also claims that Jana is “gay.”

“She’s gay, and she just doesn’t know how she’s gonna admit that she’s gay, but she’s in love with her best friend,” the insider said.

There have been rumors about Jana’s sexuality for some time now and in April of 2019, the reality TV personality to replied to a comment made about it.

Someone asked if she was dating DeMasie on Instagram and Jana said she intended to “stop that rumor.”

“No,” Jana wrote. “And I would like to stop that rumor. I have no interest in girls that way whatsoever.”

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The insider said Jim Bob and Jana’s relationship is currently strained.

“Eventually what’s gonna have to happen, is that she’s gonna have to bite the bullet and come out, or become celibate,” the insider said. “Her family is totally anti-gay, of course, so I really don’t how that’s gonna be.”

Jim Bob Duggar is a member of the ultra-conservative Independent Baptist sect that holds antiquated views about women, marriage, queer people, and much more. He’s also a member of the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IFLP), a Christian homeschooling organization that Jana leads the youth ministry “Journey to the Heart” program.

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Now, we caution, the anonymous source took this information to an outlet called The Hollywood Gossip. We have not independently confirmed their reporting nor do we have any indication that the source would go on the record with these claims.

According to CafeMom, Laura moved to Georgia from Arkansas last year for professional reasons. Jana still lives with her parents in Tontitown, Arkansas. We’re sure Tontitown is not an oasis for queer people.

If the source is correct, it’s very troubling that a grown man would be screening his 30-year-old daughter’s calls and texts. That needs to stop. But, more importantly, we need to let Jana live her life and not speculate wildly about her dating life. It’s really all up to her.

Unfortunately, the organization she’s aligned with, IFLP does not look too kindly on women’s independence or the gay community. This would suggest that leaving home and/or coming out aren’t options on the table. If she follows the principles of IFLP and shares her father’s deeply unsettling beliefs, she might not mind being spied on by him. Who knows? We would just like for Jana to be happy and healthy in these uncertain times.

Please excuse us while we go wash our hands and then say a prayer to Margaret Atwood.

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