25 Lovely Libra Tattoos That Honor Balance and Harmony

A Libra is someone born between September 23rd and October 22nd. Libras are recognized for being charming, beautiful, and well-balanced. They thrive on making things orderly and aesthetically pleasing. They also crave balance, and they can be both as self-indulgent as they are generous. Because of their eye for personal aesthetics, Libras often have some very fun tattoos.

Many designs feature the scales, the symbol of Libra that represent justice, balance, and fairness. And, if recently shared tattoos on social media are any indication, they’re the most beloved design element for most Libras. We scoured the internets to find the latest Libra tattoos to get some ideas and better understand the current trends. Here are 25 luscious Libra tattoos that we think you’re going to absolutely love.

Lady Libra

Here’s a fun sailor-inspired tattoo of Lady Libra holding the scales. We love these old-school designs and the more creative people get with their ideas in this space, the better.

Pastel Goodness

Constellations are popular for people born under every sign. These are often subtle and their organic shapes are gorgeous. We love the use of colorful ink here to give these stars some real sparkle.

Balanced Scales

Hands down, the most popular choice for most Libras was a simple but attractive balance of scales. We literally came across hundreds of similar ones. We’ll share the most innovative with you.

Watercolor Constellation

Watercolor tattoos are a rainbow dream. Here, we find a constellation, complete with an arrow and the symbol for Libra. What makes this design stand out is the smokey, blended colors of its background.


Look at this stunning Libra sleeve! We find a hand with a tarot card that reads “Justice.” Libras value fairness above all else and this is the perfect visualization of that sentiment. We love the mess of colorful flowers that frames the hand and card.


This very tidy, customized tattoo contains many elements that will be familiar to Libras. We find the scales, symbol, planet venus, and the phases of the moon. What a meaningful beauty.

Good & Bad

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???????????????????? ♎️⁣ Mi propio signo solar fue casualmente, el primero que se convirtió en tatuaje de esta serie zodiacal. Gracias @corralonera por elegirlo y esperarlo todos estos meses ????⁣ ⁣• Las personas con Sol???? en Libra ♎️ dirigimos nuestra energía creativa hacia las ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? y las ???????????????????? iniciadoras. Somos imparciales y ????????????????????????, ???????????????????????????? y desplegamos una gran habilidad para ???????????????????????????????????? energías opuestas. Irradiamos una vitalidad ????????????????????????????????, agradable e ????????????????????????????????????????????, además de una sensibilidad particular hacia la ???????????????????????????? y el arte. ⁣ Nos sentimos constantemente impulsadas a crear ???????????????????????????????????????? en nuestras relaciones y estilo de vida (aunque he de decir que nos cuesta bastante conseguirlo ????????)⁣ OJO! no todo es belleza y armonía en libra (o si? ????) Nuestro sentido de la individualidad puede desvancerse debido a un exesivo esfuerzo por complacer a lxs demás. Me ha pasado, un montón ????????‍♀️⁣ Algunx librianx más por ahi??⁣ Personalmente me siento TAN identificada con TODAS las descripciones y energías de libra!⁣ ⁣• • #libra #libraillustration #libratattoo #libratattoos #libra♎️ #libramemes #libragang #libraseason #libras #libralove #librawoman #libralove #zodiac #zodiactattoo #astrology #astrologia #astrologiapsicologica

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Rainbows make everything better! These scales contain the sun for the good times, the rain for the bad, and the rainbow that results from both. What a smart idea!


Here, we find another tarot-inspired tattoo with the Queen of Wands and the constellation. This particular tattoo looks so distinct because it’s been hand-poked and a tattoo machine was not used.


We stumbled across a few designs that imagined the scales as part of a sword or dagger. This one was one of our very favorites. The inks are so rich and vibrant.

Libra Dragon

Take a look at the attention to detail given to the dragon’s scales. There’s a ton of intricate work on display here. We wonder if this person was born in the Year of Dragon in the Chinese zodiac.


If you’re after a candy-coated gemstone of a tattoo, look no further than this design for your inspiration. This one is such a dazzler and it’s going to be the topic of conversation with nearly every person with it meets.

Head & Heart

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Here, we find a slightly darker variation of the scale design with a skull and a heart in the balance. Don’t stare at the skull for too long it’s got some creepy details.


“Find your balance,” the person who shared this image of their Libra tattoo wrote.Youll find the word “Libra” worked into the hair and the scales have been imagined as earrings. A fun one!


Do your dance! It’s Libra season! This absolutely gorgeous figure contains the constellation and a splash of watercolor goodness. We love this goddess’s pink hair.


Dotwork tattoos are incredible. They showcase a level of detail and sharpness that you don’t find with other methods. Here, we find the libra symbol in relief amidst a bouquet of stunning flowers.


Again we find amazing dotwork. This person explained that they chose this design as their very first tattoo. We love the little touches here like the Libra necklace and the balanced buns.

Libra Girl

The artist who created this tattoo is based in Malaysia and they refer to this design as “world-weary Libra.” It’s unlike most on this list and we absolutely adore it.


Balancing the head and heart is a recurring theme among these tattoos. We loved the idea of a tightrope instead of scales. Both require balance. What a surreal and smart design.

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Green Eyes

Here, we find a gold and green goddess. Her crown has taken on the shape of scales. We love this style of tattooing and the person who did this is an expert. Take a look at the details in the strands of hair.


We love any tattoo that celebrates wildlife and nature so we were pleased to come across this truly breathtaking design. It has vintage children’s book appeal and you probably wouldn’t guess that it’s a Libra tattoo at first glance.


We could all use a dose of cuteness these days and we found this bunny creation. Look at that teeny-tiny little heart. Precious!

Floral Constellation

If you’d like to base your tattoo off of the shape of the constellation, consider going the floral route. It yields so much beauty and helps obscure its meaning slightly. We all need a little bit of mystery, right?


The tattoo artist who completed this job must have skipped coffee for a week because it’s the steadiest, neatest tattoo on the list. Look at those razor-thin straight lines. The smokey watercolor effect helps mellow out the sharpness of this wonderful tattoo.

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We have no idea who this is, but we’d like to be her friend. Rose-colored, heartshaped glasses are always a win. If you love pink or any other color, consider a design that can capitalize on it as this one has done. How fun!

There you go! 25 beautiful Libra tattoos that will inspire balance and harmony. These stunning designs should help inspire you to create your own tattoo. It’s the perfect way to celebrate Libra season!

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