Red yellow orange shag carpet cake

Baker Makes Cakes That Look Exactly Like Shag Rugs

Have you ever seen a cake decorated so amazingly that you feel guilty eating it? Baker Alana Jones-Mann creates exactly those kinds of masterpieces. The L.A.-based baker designs edible pieces of art that are unique, colorful and creative. These beautiful cakes almost prevent you from digging in. Alana leverages her background as a stylist and designer to create cakes inspired by common household elements such as carpeting, wall paper and terrariums. Her design foundation focuses texture to bring cakes to life.  One of her most unique types of cakes are 70’s inspired “shag rug” cakes. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: This Pastry Chef Turns Cakes Into Museum-Worthy Works of Art How does she create these amazing and unique edible masterpieces?  She admitted to the Los Angeles Times during a recent profile that, “I don’t have a plan or anything when I start,” Alana does acknowledge, however, that the ’60s and ’70s are a major influence on all of her creative endeavors. The cakes’ vintage aesthetic closely matches her own choices in fashion, music, and more.  Besides her vintage inspiration she also takes a minimalist approach to the design and ingredients.  For her, it’s not about what you use as much as …

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