60 Really Long Names for Babies

If you are over the baby name trend of short, punchy, and blunt baby names, you definitely will want to consider long names for your child. Lengthy baby names with multiple syllables is going to make your baby’s moniker feel more robust, stately, and romantic. These names were often more popular in decades past which means they are often vintage treasures with plenty of retro charm. Others are simply timeless, regal, and elegant. There’s a whole lot to love!

If you are set on choosing a long name for your child, you have come to the right place because we have rounded up 60 long names for girls and boys for expecting parents to consider. This is an easier task for girls than boys as there is a larger stock of established names for girls that are longer than what’s available for boys. All of that to say, if you are looking for long names for boys, you will soon realize that these are some of the most unique on the baby name market! Take a look at our favorite long names for babies!

Check Out These Long Names for Babies!

Long Names for Girls

60 Long Names

Long names for girls are not uncommon at all. In fact, many of our most beloved names for girls are lengthy. Take a look at Isabella for instance. The name has four syllables and eight letters. That’s a lot of name for a little baby girl. Let’s take a look at some other long names for girls broken down by category below. Scroll down for boys!

Classic Long Names for Girls

60 Long Names
  • Cordelia – Cordelia is a name with Latin and Celtic origins, meaning “heart” and “daughter of the sea.”
  • Felicity – A virtue name from Latin origins, meaning “good fortune” and “happy.”
  • Evangeline – A name with Greek origins, meaning “bringing good news.”
  • Virginia – An appellation from Latin origins, meaning “pure.”
  • Cecilia – Cecilia is another form of Cecil which comes from Greek and means “blind.” Saint Cecilia is the patron of musicians.

Most Complicated Long Names for Girls

60 Long Names
  • Calliope – A name from Greek mythology who was a muse of epic poets. Calliope means “beautiful voice.”
  • Xiomara – A popular option in for Spanish and Portuguese speakers, Xiomara is not actually that complicated but the X throws some people. The appellation means “famous in battle.”
  • Amaryllis – A name for beauties of pastoral poetry, Amaryllis comes from Greek and means “to sparkle.”
  • Wilhelmina – A name from Old German, a form of Wilhelm, meaning “resolute protector.”
  • Cairistiona – A name you have likely never encountered that’s related to Christina, Cairistiona comes from Scottish Gaelic, meaning “Christian.”

Elegant Long Names for Girls

60 Long Names
  • Domenica – An Italian femme form of Dominic, Domenica means “belonging to the Lord.”
  • Eugenia – A name related to Eugene from Greek, meaning “wellborn.”
  • Valentina – A name used in many languages today, Valentina was originated in Latin, meaning “vitality.”
  • Caterina – An Italian form of Katherine, Caterina adds another syllable with a “A” ending making it even better.
  • Cleopatra – A name from Greek that means “glory of the father.”

3-Syllable Long Names for Girls

60 Long Names
  • Kehlani – A popular choice today, Kehlani comes from Hawaiian origins and means “sea and sky.”
  • Clementine – A vintage gem of a name, Clementine is on the rise once more today. The name comes from Latin and means “merciful.”
  • Rhiannon – A name from Welsh mythology, Rhiannon means “divine queen.”
  • Gwendolyn – Another gorgeous Welsh name, Gwendolyn means “white ring.”
  • Magdalena – A popular name among Spanish speakers today, Magdalena comes from Greek and means “from Magdala.”

4-Syllable Long Names for Girls

60 Long Names
  • Ilaria – The Italian form of Hilary, Ilaria means “cheerful one.”
  • Olympia – A name from Greek origin, meaning “from Mount Olympus.”
  • Tatiana – A name meaning “honorable,” Tatiana is most closely associated with Slavic languages than the Latin it comes from.
  • Anastasia – A name from Greek and Russian origins, meaning “resurrection.” It was an early favorite of Christians.
  • Serenity – A popular option today, Serenity comes from Latin and means “peace.”

Our Favorite Long Names for Girls

60 Long Names
  • Celestina – An elaborate name in both Italian and Spanish, from Latin, meaning “heavenly.”
  • Esmeralda – A gorgeous Spanish name for girls, meaning “emerald.”
  • Fatimah – A name from Arabic origins, meaning “captivating.”
  • Penelope – A fabulous appellation from Greek origins, meaning “weaver” and “duck.” In Greek mythology, she was Queen of Ithica and a wife to Odysseus.
  • Persephone – Once a polarizing choice, Persephone has shaken off the darker connotations of her moniker. The meaning of this Greek mythology name is debated. It potentially means “bringer of death” and/or “sheaf of grain” and/or “maiden.”

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Time for Long Names for Boys!

Long Names

More uncommon for boys, long names are harder and harder to come by as parents prefer a blunt given name for their sons. In fact, most names in the US top 20 most popular names for boys are two syllables or less! However, long names for boys do exist and we are excited to share them with you below!

Classic Long Names for Boys

60 Long Names
  • Augustine The English form of the Latin name Augustus, meaning “magnificent.”
  • Benjamin – A very popular name with Hebrew origins, meaning “son of the right hand.”
  • Harrison – A perennial English favorite, Harrison means “Harry’s son.”
  • Gabriel – Another Hebrew name, Gabriel means “God is my strength.”
  • Leonardo – Not just a name for movie stars, Leonardo is a Latinate form of Leonard and means “brave lion.”

Most Complicated Long Names for Boys

60 Long Names
  • Bartholomew – An ancient name that predates Hebrew, Bartholomew comes from Aramaic and means “son of the furrow.” It’s a lot of name!
  • Beauregard – Of all the long names on this list, Beauregard feels like one of the most ridiculous today. The name has French origins and means “beautiful gaze.”
  • Archibald – A Teutonic (Germanic) baby name for boys, meaning “truly brave.” It does give you the prized Archie nickname!
  • Maximilian – A big and bold Latin name, meaning “greatest.”
  • Guillermo – A favorite in the U.S. for over a hundred years, Guillermo is simply the Spanish form of William and means “resolute protector.”

Elegant Long Names for Boys

60 Long Names
  • Constantine – A name of a Roman Emperor that’s always seemed “a bit much” for little boys, however, we think Constantine is a fun one! The name means “steadfast.”
  • Emerson – For those transcendental vibes, you can do no better than Emerson. The name has German origins and means “son of Henry.”
  • Tennessee – American playwright Tennesee Williams made Tennessee a first name possibility. It’s one of the longer long names on this list! Tennessee comes from Native American origins and means “winding river” and “meeting place.”
  • Obadiah – A great alternative to Elijah, Obadiah also comes from Hebrew and means “servant of God.”
  • Salvatore – The Italian form of the Latin name Salvator, meaning “savior.”

3-Syllable Long Names for Boys

60 Long Names
  • Anderson – A Scandinavian name for boys, meaning “Ander’s son” or “son of Anders.”
  • Ibrahim – A name with Arabic origins, related to the Hebrew name Abraham, meaning “father of multitudes.”
  • Arturo – The Latinate form of the Celtic name Arthur, Arturo has way more flair and an extra syllable! Arturo means “bear.”
  • Orlando – The Italian form of Roland, Orlando means “famous throughout the land.”
  • Enrique – A Spanish variation of the root that brings us Henry, Enrique means “estate ruler.”

4-Syllable Long Names for Boys

60 Long Names
  • Azariah – A very rare Hebrew name today, Azariah means “helped by God.”
  • Cornelius – Is this the corniest of all the long names on this list? Cornelius comes from Latin and means “horn.”
  • Olivier – The French, Gallic form of Oliver, Olivier also means “olive tree.”
  • Santiago – The patron saint of Spain, Santiago is a popular choice around the world today. The Latin name means “Saint James.”
  • Oleander – Oleander is a curious botanical name with roots in Greek. The meaning of the name for the Mediterranean shrub likely means “killing men” due to the plant’s toxicity to humans. It also could come from roots that mean “rose bush” and “olive tree.”

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Our Favorite Long Names for Boys

60 Long Names
  • Alessandro – The Italian form of the Greek name that brings us Alexander, thus the name means “defending men.”
  • Emmanuel – A very popular option today, Emmanuel comes from Hebrew origins and means “God is with us.”
  • Francisco – The Spanish and Portuguese form of Francis, meaning “free man.”
  • Muhammed – A popular Arabic name among Muslim families with this particular form prized by Turkish parents. The appellation means “praiseworthy.”
  • Giovanni – The Italians really knew what they were doing when they originated Giovanni as their preferred form of John. The Hebrew roots of this name mean “God is gracious.”

There you go! What did you think of these long names for girls and boys? We sure hope you enjoyed this journey through the valley of lengthy names for babies. If you love a name with a little more to offer than the old standards, we want you to consider going big! These long names will provide an anchor for your child’s moniker making it both charming and distinguished! It’s okay to be extra.

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