This Makeup Brand Releases Alarming Eye-Shadow Palette With Shades Labeled As ‘Lymphoma, Lung Cancer,’ and Even ‘Child Abuse’

AmyLee Cosmetics messed up. Majorly.

The brand recently shared how in honor of their PR person, Amanda Roussin, they would be launching a Survivors Palette, which would contain shades named after various diseases. You see where this is going, right?

Makeup Brand Releases Alarming Eye-Shadow Palette
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In the original product description (which has since been modified) it revealed that a portion of the eye shadow palette’s proceeds would go to her but did not explain why exactly.

On the subreddit r/BeautyGuruChatter, one user called out the brand for the names of the shades for being “insensitive and triggering.”

Upon first glance, the outer package looks like you’d expect. Until you open it up…

Of the 15 shades…glittery green is “Lymphoma,” chalk white is “Lung Cancer,” and deep blue is “Child Abuse.” YIKES.

Makeup Brand Releases Alarming Eye-Shadow Palette
Image via AmyLee Cosmetics

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One user commented: “This palette has something in it for everyone in that there’s something for everyone to be hurt by here. Everyone has been impacted by these things personally or through friend’s or family. Everyone has something to be upset about in this palette – in fact, I’m not yet sure which shade name offends me most.”

While another joked: “’That’s so pretty, what are you wearing on your lids? Child abuse.”

While it is unconfirmed, it is believed the shades are representations of the awareness ribbons for each disease or issue.

Makeup Brand Releases Alarming Eye-Shadow Palette
Image via Shutterstock

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AmyLee Cosmetics has since put a description addendum on the product:

“The Survivors Palette is featuring our PR girl the talented Amanda Roussin who suffers with chiari malformation, has survived cervical cancer, and has had many other health issues, including depression due to the loss of her late husband to suicide. AmyLee suffers with Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Bipolar Disorder and PTSD from the death of her son who had Cerebral Palsy. This palette was made to hopefully empower and shed light on some very serious issues. This was not intended to be hurtful. AmyLee sincerely apologizes if this is offensive or triggering to anyone. Proceeds of every palette ordered will be donated towards two organizations and”

Would you wear the eyeshadow?! Comment below!

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