120 Male God Names to Use for Your Baby

Mythology names for babies are trending at the moment with stars choosing male god names like Jupiter, Apollo, Atlas, and others more than ever before in the U.S. These classic names from antiquity and beyond highlight a shift to more secular names to those that that pack a real punch. One way to explore this trend is to look at some of the male god names that have been used through the years to see if any will work for your little boy.

If you’re in search of evocative baby names look no further than various mythologies from around the world. There’s no shortage of stock to choose from with appellations ranging from the Assyrian Ashur to the Greek Zeus we’ve found all the best male god names from traditions all over the planet. Let’s get mythical with some amazing names for your son!

Male God Names from Greek Mythology

75 Male God Names

Some of the most well-known and greatly documented mythological canons comes from ancient Greece. This means that we know of many Greek male god names and they make up the majority of this list. After the Greek names, we’ll move on to Roman ones followed by other mythologies of the world.

  • Atlas – One of the fastest-rising names today, Atlas, names a Greek titan. The appellation means “holder of the heavens.”
  • Orion – A mythological, giant huntsman, Orion, was placed in the sky by Zeus. The constellation bears his name today. Orion means “hunter.”
  • Evander – Evander is a name found in mythologies that span Europe. The Greeks and Romans believed him to be an Arcadian hero who founded the city in Italy that would later become Rome. In Greek, the name means “strong man.”
  • Hephaestus – The son of Hera and the god of fire, metalworking, and crafts. Hephaestus was the smith to the gods who famously made Achilles’ armor.
  • Iapetus – A Greek god of mortality and father to Prometheus.

More Male God Names from Greek Mythology

75 Male God Names
  • Apollo – The Olympian god of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, truth, and knowledge, Apollo would make for a smart choice for adventurous parents. The meaning of the name is uncertain but one possibility is “to destroy” and another is “assembly.”
  • Zephyr – If you’re after a zippy name, Zephyr is the god of the west wind. In fact, this name is synonymous with “west wind.” Zephyr is a popular gender-neutral option today.
  • Adonis – Born from a myrrh tree, raised by Persephone, who would later fall in love with him because of his beauty, Adonis is a name with a lot of baggage for a baby boy to shoulder. Eventually, Persephone and Aphrodite fought over Adonis but ultimately Adonis got to choose his lover. He chose Aphrodite. Adonis means “lord.”
  • Aether – A primordial deity of light and the upper atmosphere.
  • Astraeus – A deity of the stars, planets, dusk, and the ancient art of astrology.

Male God Names from Greek Antiquity

75 Male God Names
  • Leander – According to Greek legend, Leander is the superhuman figure who swam across the Hellespont each night to be with a priestess of Venus named Hero. Leander means “lion-man.”
  • Eros – The winged Greek god of sexy times, Eros, could prove a challenging choice for a modern boy. However, the name is currently popular in Italy. Eros means “desire.”
  • Achilles – Since 2015, Achilles has been a name on the rise in the US. It belongs to a Homeric hero with a weakness in his heel. This storied name means “thin-lipped.”
  • Chronos – A god of empirical time who was sometimes referred to as Aion. Do not confuse Chronos with the titan who fathered Zeus, Titan Kronos.
  • Epimetheus – A god of afterthought and a father of excuses.

More Greek Male God Names

75 Male God Names
  • Perseus – A son of Zeus, Perseus is a godly Greek hero who slew many monsters (like Medusa, the Gorgon) before the arrival of Heracles. Perseus means “to sack” or “sacker of cities.”
  • Helios – Brother of the moon goddess, Selene, Helios is a young god of the sun. His chariot rides across the skies each day to bring the day.
  • Jason – Jason is the captain of the Argonauts who went in search of the Golden Fleece. His name means “to heal.”
  • Erebus – A deity of darkness and shadow, as well as the void that existed between Earth and the underworld.
  • Lelantos – A god of air and moving unseen. He fathered the nymph Aura (the breeze).

Even More Male God Names from Greek Mythology

75 Male God Names
  • Hector – A Trojan prince and one of the world’s greatest warriors, Hector fought for Troy during the Trojan war. This amazing name means “holding fast.”
  • Castor – Along with his twin Pollux, Castor would go on to form the Gemini constellation. Castor is a stylish choice today that means “pious one.”
  • Orpheus – A legendary musician and prophet in ancient Greek religion, Orpheus, was so worshipped that relics of him were considered oracles. The name means “the dark of night.”
  • Hypnos – The personification of sleep and the unconscious.
  • Menoetius – A most turbulent god, associated with violent anger, rash action, and human mortality. In ancient myth, he was murdered by Zeus.

More Male God Names from Greek

75 Male God Names
  • Zeus – A supreme god, Zeus, is the king of all the Greek male god names. Zeus presided over the sky, thunder, lightning, and fate. The name means “sky father.”
  • Hermes – Hermes is the Greek messenger god of travel, writing, athletics, and thievery. While you can take the name to mean “messenger god,” it also has roots that translate to “one cairn” or “stone heap.”
  • Eryx – The son of Poseidon and Aphrodite, Eryx is a mythic king of Sicily. The name means “to keep in” and also names an ancient city and mountain in Sicily.
  • Ourea – More commonly than not, Ourea is considered multiple gods of the mountains. You will see them called “The Ourea.”
  • Pallas – A deity of warcraft who was killed by Athena during the Titanomachy.

More Greek Male God Names to Consider

75 Male God Names
  • Dionysus – The Greek god of wine who is also celebrated by the Romans, Dionysus, also presides over fertility, orchards, fruit, vegetables, and insanity. Dionysus means “young Zeus” or “son of Zeus” + Nysa, which is a mythic mountain and birthplace of the god.
  • Aither – The personification of the “upper air” or the air that the gods breathed, Aither is what gives the gods their power. The name means “spirit in the air.”
  • Amphion – You will find the name Amphion applied to a number of characters in Greek mythology. Mainly, Amphion is remembered as the son of Zeus and Antiope. He is famed for his musical capabilities! Ampion means “in all directions.”
  • Phanes – In the Orphic tradition, Phanes is considered the god of procreation.
  • Perses – A god of destruction.

More Greek Male God Names to Consider

75 Male God Names
  • Bacchus – Another name for Dionysus that was coined by the Greeks but also used by the Romans. Bacchus means “wild festival” or “free.”
  • Cronus – A great Greek titan and descendent of Gaia, Cronus presided over and was a patron of the harvest. The name means “time.”
  • Janus – Janus is the God of gates, doorways, transitions, and new beginnings. That’s why we call the first month of the new year January. Janus is often depicted with two faces looking in opposite directions as he is always looking forward as well as to the past. The name means “passageway.”
  • Pontus – The god of the sea, father of all fish and other sea life.
  • Prometheus – A god of forethought and clever counsel. The deity is best known as the creator of mankind.

More Male God Names from Greek Mythology

75 Male God Names
  • Morpheus – Morpheus is a fascinating name that means “sleep fashioner.” The name belongs to a God of dreams and appears in human form (but with wings) in them.
  • Nereus – In Greek myth, Nereus was the son of Gaia and Pontus. After meeting his partner Doris, the two birthed over 50 sea nymphs. The name means “water.”
  • Oceanus – Oceanus is the oldest Titan son of Uranus. As you might have guessed, the name means “ocean.” For the ancient Greeks, the ocean was more like a giant river that encircled the earth. Oceanus was the personification of that body of water.
  • Coeus – A deity of intellect and the axis of heaven around which the constellations revolve.
  • Styx – God of the Underworld’s River Styx and the personification of hatred.

Even More Male God Names from Greek Mythology

75 Male God Names
  • Pan – A Greek god with the legs of a goat and the torso of man, Pan loved to play his pipes. He is considered the god of shepherds, pastures, and fertility. Pan means “all” or “shepherd.”
  • Parthenios – A Greek river god and the personification of an ancient Greek river (now known as the Bartin River in Anatolia), Parthenios is the personification of the body of water.
  • Poseidon – One of the Twelve Olympians in classic Greek mythology, Poseidon presides of the sea, storms, earthquakes, and horses. The name contains a root that means “lord” but more is known about the meaning of his folk title which translates to “earth-shaker.”
  • Crius – One of the twelve Titans who is the god of constellations.
  • Damysus – A giant in Greek mythology, Damysus was considered the fastest of all the giants.

More Male God Names from Greek Mythology

75 Male God Names
  • Triton – A Greek god of the sea, Triton is the son of Poseidon. He is usually depicted as a merman who uses a conch shell as a horn. Triton’s meaning is unclear but it could potentially mean “one and one third.” But, most scholars recognize the name to mean “sea god” as well.
  • Abraxas – A source of divine emanations, Abraxas could potentially be an invention of the Persians or Egyptians, but he was documented as being worshipped by the Greeks as a god. The name is considered a word of mystic meaning. It’s where the word abracadabra comes from.
  • Hades – A god of the dead and king of the underworld, Hades might be a name too severe for a baby boy. He is the eldest son of Cronus according to mythology. The name means “the unseen one” or “knower of all things.”
  • Cronus – A Titan of harvests and the personification of destructive time. The leader of the Titans, who overthrew his father Uranus only to be overthrown by his son, Zeus. You will find this name spelled Kronos as well.
  • Talos – A giant crafted from bronze by Hephaestus, and given by Zeus to his lover, Europa to serve as her personal protector.

Even More Male God Names from Greek Mythology

75 Male God Names
  • Thanatos – A Greek god of death, a brother to Hypnos (Sleep) and Moros (Doom), Thanatos sure was given a fascinating moniker. The name means “am dying.”
  • Ares – A Greek god of courage, war, bloodshed, and violence. Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera. The name means “ram.”
  • Aion – One of the primordial deities, Aion is a god of eternity, personifying cyclical and unbounded time. He is often confused with or used interchangeably with Cronus.
  • Hyperion – One of the male god names that sounds overly energetic, Hyperion is a Titan and god of light. He is the father of Helios (the sun), Selene (the moon), and Eos (the dawn).
  • Achlys – A personified concept of the death-mist, the personification of sadness, misery, and poison.

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Roman Male God Names

75 Male God Names

Now, let’s finally move along to some other male god names from other mythologies. The Romans worshipped in much the same way as the ancient Greeks. However, the Latin naming structure gives these names a more rigid sound which actually leads to more practical names for use with baby boys today. Let’s look at some male god names from Roman mythology!

  • Mars – A Roman god of war and agriculture, Mars proves for an offbeat choice as a name today. The Romans named the planet Mars due to its red color resembling the color of blood spilled during war. The name means “war.”
  • Mercury – Mercury names the Roman messenger god and patron to tradesmen and wages. The root of the name comes from the same Latin word that gives us “merchant.”
  • Jupiter – The king of the Roman gods, Jupiter is a sky god. The name means “sky father.”
  • Liber –  A god of viticulture, wine, fertility, and freedom. He was a special god to the Plebians. Liber means “the free one.”
  • Falacer –  An epithet of Jupiter. The root of the name, falandum, was the Etruscan appellation for “heaven.”

More Roman Male God Names

75 Male God Names
  • Jove – Another name for Jupiter, Jove feels like a solid choice for a modern boy today. The name means “to shine” but it’s so closely associated with Jupiter that it’s also taken to mean “sky father.”
  • Saturn – A Roman god of generation wealth, dissolution, plenty, and agriculture, Saturn would make for an offbeat choice today. The name comes from a root that means “sowing.”
  • Neptune – Neptune is the god of the sea as well as freshwater. The name comes from roots that mean “cloud moisture” or “wet fog.”
  • Portunus – The ancient Roman god of keys, doors, livestock, and ports. He was believed to guard the warehouses where grain was stored.
  • Volturunus – One of the male god names that’s a real mouthful, Volturunus is the god of the Tiber river and was considered by some to be the god of all rivers.

More Male God Names from Roman Mythology

75 Male God Names
  • Quirinus – God of the Roman state, Quirinus is likely a Roman adoption of Janus. In fact, he was referred to as Janus Quirinus. The name comes from a Latin root that means “Romans at peace.” Conversely, the name could come from Sabellic tradition and mean “wielder of the spear.”
  • Silvanus – A Roman god of woods and uncultivated lands, Silvanus is associated with the protection of the forests. The name even means “forest.”
  • Vulcan – A Roman god of fire, Vulcan was given an interesting name that we’re not sure is going to appeal to many parents today. The name comes from a Roman root word associated with lighting meaning “to flash.”
  • Sol – An ancient Roman god who was considered the personification of the sun.
  • Orcus – A god of the Underworld and punisher of those who broke promises and oaths. The name means “land of the dead.”

Irish Male God Names

75 Male God Names

Irish mythology can be considered its own specific mythology as it is unique to the Irish people, but those people are Celtic so it’s a bit complex. We could have lumped Irish and Celtic names together for the purposes of this list but we decided to break it up. That being mentioned, you will find Celtic names in this section. In the next section, we’ll discuss Celtic male god names and offer further explanation.

  • Finn – A popular choice for American parents today, Finn is a charming name that means “white.” The name has a storied history in Irish mythology. It belongs to Fionn mac Cuumhaill or Finn MacCool. He is said to be one of the greatest warriors ever with supernatural powers.
  • Oscar – Oscar is considered one of the mightiest warriors of his generation, the son of Ossian and the grandson of Finn MacCool. This name was adopted in Irish mythology from Norse! The name has roots that mean “deer lover” and “god spear.”
  • Cian – A father of Lugh (put a pin in that), Cian was the son of the god of medicine. The name means “enduring one” or “ancient.” The name was given to many legendary heroes in Irish mythology.
  • Aenges – A god associated with love, youth, and poetic inspiration.
  • Dagda – Often called “The Dagda,” he is the supreme god and king of the Tuatha Dé Danann, a supernatural race.

More Irish Male God Names

75 Male God Names
  • Lugh – An Irish god of the harvest that ruled over oaths, truth, and laws, Lugh is a very big deal in Irish mythology and the name’s not half bad either! He was a skilled user of the user and one of his epithets is “of the long hand” that refers to it. The name means “oath.”
  • Oisin – The mythological son of Finn MacCool and Sadb, Oisin is considered the greatest poet of Ireland. This name, that’s pronounced o-SHEEN, has a lovely ring to it and means “young deer.”
  • Diarmaid – An Irish mythological hero who has the power to make women fall in love with him instantly, Diarmaid has an interesting name. It’s pronounced DEER-mutt, which might work… It means “free man.”
  • Aed – An Irish god of the underworld.
  • Cían – The father of Lugh who is able to shapeshift at will. The beautiful name means “ancient.”

Celtic Male God Names

75 Male God Names

As promised, we’re moving next to male god names from Celtic mythology. Celtic mythology encompasses the lore of the Celts and their language.  Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Breton, Manx, Cornish, and several extinct pre-Roman languages such as Gaulish all fall into this category. Let’s take a look at some of these wonderful names for boys!

  • Arthur – From Arturian legend, a king and the leader of the Knights of the Roundtable, Arthur is one of the most popular male god names on this list. Arthur means “bear.”
  • Tristan -Another name from Arthurian and Celtic legend, Tristan names a dragon-slayer who would go on to fatefully fall in love with Isolde. Tristan means “noise” or “sorrowful.”
  • Bran – The Celtic god of the underworld, Bran is symbolized by the Raven. This name has Celtic or Welsh origin and means either “raven” or “thicket hill.”
  • Balor – A supernatural, giant being with one large eye that has the power to destroy when opened. Balor is one of the male god names that might be a good fit for a baby boy born today. The name means “the flashing one.”
  • Ecne – One of the Tuatha Dé Danann is the god of wisdom and knowledge. The name means “wise” or “enlightened.”

More Celtic Male God Names

75 Male God Names
  • Cador – One of the ancient rulers of Cornwall mention in Arthurian legend, Cador, guarded Guinevere. The name is considered Celtic and Cornish, meaning “renowned in battle.” He was also a nephew of Arthur’s so many just consider the name to means “nephew to Arthur.”
  • Dylan – In Welsh mythology, Dylan is a legendary sea deity who made all the waters of Britain and Ireland cry when he died. Dylan has Welsh origin and means “son of the sea.”
  • Lir – Lir is the Irish god of the sea and the equivalent of the Welsh Llyr. He is the personification of the sea and the name actually means “sea.”
  • Taranis – Taranis is the Celtic god of thunder and is equivalent to Norse Thor or Roman Jupiter. The name means “thunder.” He was worshipped not only in what is now the UK but also throughout Europe including among Germanic and Gallic populations.
  • Goibniu – A metalsmith to the Irish gods, the smithing god is also associated with hospitality.

Norse Male God Names

75 Male God Names

As with all of these mythologies in Europe, things are a bit fluid. Most of us know that there are a lot of overlaps when it comes to Roman and Greek mythology but it’s true for many others including Celtic and Norse which are closely tied throughout history. Let’s discover some male god names from Norse mythology.

  • Loki – Loki is the god of mischief in Norse mythology. With the ability to shapeshift into animals and humans, he is thought to have been a thorn in the side of the other gods. The name comes from a Germanic root that means “loop” or “knot” or “lock.”
  • Odin – Odin is pretty much the god of a whole lot of things in Norse mythology including law, war, art, wisdom, and culture. The name is a popular choice among American parents today! The name means “lord of frenzy.”
  • Thor – A name you likely know well, Thor is the god of thunder, strength, rain, trees, and protection of mankind. The name means “thunder.” Unlike Odin, Thor has not enjoyed the same popularity boost in recent years.
  • Balder – The son of Odin, Balder is described as living between heaven and earth. He was the epitome of radiance, beauty, kindness, and fairness. 
  • Freyr – A fertility god, Freyr is considered a symbol of prosperity and pleasant weather conditions. The name means “lord.”

More Norse Male God Names

75 Male God Names
  • Dagur – Currently one of the most popular names for boys in Iceland, Dagur means “day.” In fact, this deity is the personification of it.
  • Narfi – The Father of Nott, who personified night, little is known about this Norse Jötunn (or non-human entity). The name means “narrow.”
  • Vidar – A powerful son of Odin who was mute, he presides over vengeance. The name means “wide ruler.”
  • Heimdall – Due to his extremely pale skin, Heimdall is considered a “shiny” god who gaurded the rainbow bridge connecting heaven to earth. The name means “white god.”
  • Vale – A son of Odin who avenged his brother, Balder’s death. The appellation means “the slain.”

Polynesian Male God Names

75 Male God Names

Polynesian mythology and folklore encompasses a ton of different languages and stories that were first passed down orally for generations before being written. We’re going to dip our toes in here and take a look at just a few of the many male god names from this diverse tradition.

  • Tane – Pronounced TAH-neh, Tane names the powerful Polynesian god who put the sun, moon, and stars into the sky and set them in place. According to some, Tane created the first man. The name means “man” in Maori.
  • Kāne – Kāne is considered the highest of Hawaiian deities. He represents procreation and is associated with creation and bringing life.
  • Māui – Māui is worshipped by some but is more commonly considered a folk hero. There are many, many different definitions of his origins. One such story involves him stealing fire from the underworld to give to humans. Dwayne Johnson portrayed this character in Moana.
  • Kanehekili – One of the funnest male god names to say, Kanehekili is the god of thunder.
  • Lono – Lono is associated with fertility, agriculture, rainfall, music and peace. 

Other Male Gods Names From Around the World

75 Male God Names
  • Osiris – The Egyptian king-turned-god, Osiris presides over agriculture, fertility, the afterlife, resurrection, and life. According to myth, he is reborn and dies every year. Osiris means “mighty eyesight.”
  • Ahti – A god of Finnish mythology, Ahti (Ahto) oversees the sea. He lives at the bottom of the sea. This name means “the islander.”
  • Ashur – In Assyrian mythology, Ashur is the supreme deity who ruled over the Assyrian Empire, the other gods, war, and creation. The name means “fortunate.” This name is sometimes spelled Assur, but you can see how that could be problematic for a boy.
  • Horus – Depicted as a falcon or as a human with a falcon’s head, Horus is a sky god in Egyptian mythology, associated with war and hunting. 
  • Marduk – Marduk was the primary god of the Babylonians and oversaw the city of Babylon. He was considered the supreme deity over all the other gods.

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Even More Male God Names from Around the World

75 Male God Names
  • Nabu – A Babylonian God from ancient Mesopotamia, Nabu is the patron of literacy, rational arts, wisdom, and scribes. The Nabu comes from Akkadian origin and means “prophet.”
  • Shango – An excellent-sounding name, Shango, comes from the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Shango is considered an ancestor. He is a god of thunder and a powerful ruler.
  • Vishnu – One of the three main Hindu gods, Vishnu, protects and preserves the universe. Returns to earth in times of strife to restore the balance between good and evil. Vishny has Sanskrit origins and means “one is and is inside everything,” among other possibilities.
  • Ahura Mazda -The supreme deity of the Zoroastrian faith who created the world. Sometimes the name is shortened to Ormazd. The title means “wisdom.”  
  • Seth – An Egyptian god of chaos, violence, deserts, and storms. He is considered the murderer of Osiris. It’s one of the male god names that’s popular for boys today although it’s more closely associated with the Hebrew origin.

There you go! We hope enjoyed this list male god names and have found a couple to consider for your son. While many of these names might feel over-the-top, we urge you to go with your heart. If you really love a name, you should go for it! But, if you still have wet feet, consider using it as a unique middle name or even a nickname. Either way, we wish you the best on your hunt for the perfect name!

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