Mama June Reveals She Gained 70-Pounds Amid Pandemic: ‘I Call It Corona Fat’

Mama June Shannon is opening up about a recent and surprising weight gain.

After Mama June clocked in 460 pounds back in 2016, the 41-year old reality star went through gastric sleeve surgery, which helped her lose 300 pounds.

Mama June Reveals She Gained 70-Pounds Amid Pandemic
Image via Instagram

She watched what she ate and also hired a professional trainer to put her through a tough exercise regime. Her transformation was recorded in the spinoff TLC series Mama June: From Not to Hot.

“I was prepared to gain weight, but not as much as I gained,” she revealed. In addition, her attempt to stay sober also lead her to overeat.

After Mama June revealed how she and boyfriend Geno Doak spent $150,000 on cocaine in just a six-month period, the two checked themselves into a 30-day rehab program at a Florida treatment center earlier this year.

And since then, Mama June has been transparent about how that has affected her weight.

Mama June Reveals She Gained 70-Pounds Amid Pandemic
Image via Instagram

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“I gained 70 pounds after I got out of rehab, but I also blame not doing drugs and coronavirus on it, too. I call it corona fat,” she said.

But Mama June isn’t letting the snafu change her tune.

In addition to feeling stronger in her addiction recovery, Mama June is on a new weight loss journey and is determined to stay upbeat and embrace her body, whatever comes next.

“With this quarantine, it is kind of hard, but I’m just trying to maintain where I’m at now,” she told In Touch. “It is kind of work. I mean, I’ll never be back down to like 140 pounds, and that’s OK with me. Probably, my goal now is to be like 200 (pounds).”

Mama June Reveals She Gained 70-Pounds Amid Pandemic
Image via Instagram

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Earlier in the month, Mama June revealed the results of her latest makeover. Her smile shined thanks to porcelain veneers, and she underwent a liposuction procedure in her neck area to get rid of her “triple chin.” In addition, she was chopped her hair and dyed it a fresher blonde.

She revealed how the changes to her appearance were all about her feeling her best after what she described as a much-needed “wake-up call” in regards to her addiction.

And while Mama June admitted that the couple’s post-rehab recovery has been “a process,” the two are getting through it together.

“I could be 500 pounds, and he’s still gonna love me. He doesn’t care as long as it makes me happy and I’m the same way with him,” she shared.

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