Martha Stewart ‘Terrifies’ Her Instagram Followers With Latest Photo

Martha Stewart is known for her delicious recipes and eccentric lifestyle.
Martha Stewart

And her latest Instagram post reveals what happens when those two things became one. 

On March 20, Stewart took to Instagram to share the latest dish she prepared. And the 82-year-old’s photo honestly scared people.

While most people worship the recipes Martha comes up with, this recipe in particular had people really confused. “We had the pleasure of [dining] last evening at maisonbarne,” Martha revealed in her caption.

Martha Stewart continued, explaining that she was presented with “an early 20th century dining experience,” which included, “amazing patè, roast chicken and lobster, fresh complex salads, delicious desserts, lovely entrees, and spectacular vegetables.”

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Martha Stewart

Not to mention, “The wine list,” Stewart added, “is sophisticated and excellent and the service delightful. I cannot wait to return!!”

The “roast chicken and lobster,” now affectionately known as a “chobster” took people by surprise, calling it the “most terrifying thing” she’s ever posted. “Martha, what in the five minute crafts is this,” one commenter asked.

“Not the chobster,” another added. “[The] first pic was a jump scare.”

And the comments go on and on. “I checked the calendar because I legit thought it was an April Fools joke,” another comment read. “Chicken of the sea woah I get it now,” one person joked. “If this is fine dining, I’m fine not dining,” another quipped.

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