Tori And Zach Roloff's Baby Lilah Mirror Pics Are So Sweet

Tori And Zach Roloff’s Baby Lilah Mirror Pics Are The Sweetest Thing You Will See All Day

Back in November, Tori and Zach Roloff welcomed their second little one into the world, Lilah. And since, the mother of two has been posting to social media like crazy. Lilah’s latest baby shoot is adorable — including a sweet mirror photoshoot the adorable 6-month-old.

My step-kids come home bragging about what their grandparents buy them: Thoughts?

My boyfriend and his two kids moved in with my three kids about four months ago and me. He works Monday through Thursday, and I work part-time and stay home with kids. His kids go to their grandparents every weekend while mine have nowhere to go. They come home bragging about name brand shoes and clothes they are bought while there. Also, I was told they would all be treated the same at birthdays and Christmas and was far from true. Now my kids and I are and were just fine with not having a whole lot because we have each other. But now they’re resenting the other children for this and so am I. Anonymous Community MemberThis question was asked by a Facebook community member who has asked to remain anonymous.

Not sure if I should move or not: Thoughts?

I have a question about family ties and matters … I’m making a huge decision to move my family closer to my biological family ( bio mom) long story short she didn’t raise me my her dad and her step mom dad my grandparents who became my mama and daddy any ways she has two other kids my brother and sister which where all grown now but I asked my bio mom to watch my youngest while I worked to establish my life out where she lives in a totally area and life style ( I’ll be moving the country from the city where I’ve love all my life) and I basically got a non in other words but she watches my nieces (2 of them) and my bio grandmother who lives there watches my other niece they are 3,3 and 1 I understand that it’s a hassle bit why beg me to move down there for years now I’m actually doing it I don’t have a support system there or here since my grandparents died 2015 and 2018 and I’m just trying to keep the kids close to family but looks like I can’t get my life together because …

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